Earn Cash for Referring the Best of the Best

There's no limit to how much you can earn.

Tradesmen International is growing and we need Safe, Productive and Highly Skilled Craft Professionals – like you – to meet the needs of our contractors locally and nationally. We are hiring local craftsmen, heavy industrial road warriors and all marine-oriented trades.

For EVERY craftsman you refer to us who meets these guidelines, you'll earn $200.00:

  1. Must have a minimum of 2 years experience as a skilled craftsman.
  2. Have not previously been employed by Tradesmen International at any time.
  3. Must work a minimum of 200 hours within 8 weeks of first day worked. No Exceptions.
  4. Must be Safety-minded and Drug-free with no recordable safety incidents within their first 200 hours of employment with Tradesmen.

Who you should refer:

The people you refer will be a direct reflection on Tradesmen International's reputation — on your reputation. Please ensure that your referral is: Reliable, Safety-Minded, Drug-Free at all times, has an Excellent Work Ethic and solid abilities at Apprentice/Journeyman or First/Second Class levels.

Tradesmen International

Also, for you to be eligible to receive each referral bonus, you must be working for Tradesmen or have collected a paycheck within 30 days of your referral hitting their 200 hours.

Your referral must start working within 30 days of being referred for you to be paid the bonus.

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