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10 Mercer Road
Natick, MA 07160
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Construction Staffing in Massachusetts

Are you looking for proven craftsmen to support your core skilled employees for a short-term project? Do you want to avoid increasing your workers’ comp exposure and eliminate costs and hassles associated with adding permanent payroll? Want to maximize workforce productivity… your bottom line?

Tradesmen International gives you access to a workforce of unlimited size. Since these workers remain Tradesmen employees, you save money on traditional hiring costs such as unemployment costs, benefits, overtime and additional payroll costs. You also have the ability to staff every job with exactly the number of workers you need. You will enjoy the ability to complete projects faster than ever and the freedom to bid on any job of any size.

Our Massachusetts workforce is made up of only the most skilled and reliable workers. Every employee we hire must pass our rigorous hiring process including multiple reference checks, exhaustive interview and extensive hands-on testing. In addition, they are provided 10 hours of OSHA compliant safety training at no cost. They are also subject to a monthly satisfaction review. We are so sure of the quality of our skilled laborers that we guarantee you will be happy with the work provided.

I Want a Job in MA > Find Craftsmen in MA >

For all of your construction staffing in Massachusetts, contact Tradesmen International today.

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