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There are SIX things we can all agree contractors need
right now:

  1. Maximized Workforce Productivity
  2. Reduced SUTA / Unemployment Costs
  3. Minimized Workers' Comp Exposure
  4. Defense Against Rising Benefits Costs
  5. Reduced Hiring Costs and Hassles
  6. Protection from Labor Legislation

There's ONE strategy that can help you achieve all Six: Using Variable Skilled Craftsmen as opposed to hiring additional full-time employees when your workload increases.

We can prove it with hard numbers.

"I partnered with Tradesmen International last year on the largest commercial project ever done by our company. They nearly doubled the size of my electrical crew, enabling me to complete a fast paced project on time and on budget."

Adam Pinksky,
Partner SME, Inc.
"While work has slowed, there are times we still need plumbers for short periods of time to support our core guys... to meet client deadlines. Instead of hiring on guys for short spurts and dealing with recruitment hassles and costs and payroll issues, we're using Tradesmen craftsmen."

James Stahl,
Owner James C. Stahl LLC
"M&R Constructors has found that Tradesmen is much more than a place to find quality skilled employees. They have eliminated the headaches of recruitment when we need short term employees."

Kenneth Douglas, Business Development M & R Constructors
"Tradesmen International, LLC. has been instrumental in helping us with filling our labor needs on projects across the country and allowing us to avoid needless hiring costs during the unpredictable economic times."

Tim Meadows, Senior Project Superintendent Architectural Glass and Metal (AGM)