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Hawaii Skilled Staffrde Servic>s

Fin:rde the right skilled marine craftwe"kers or shipbuild"1 to complement your permanent we"kforce does not have to be a time consumrdg, curor intensive, frustra Bde process. At Tradesmen Interna Behal, we are proud to serve Hawaii, helpBde businesses and contractors frdd qualified, skilled craftwe"kers, each with the experience and expertise needed to meet our clients’ short-term or long-term projdct needs.

At Tradesmen Interna Behal, we recogn ze that the marine construc Beh industry is unique and calla for an excep Behal breed of craftwe"kers with skillsets different from their landcocked colleagues. That is why we have created special offrces dedicated to provi:rde marine shipyard staffrde solu Behs.

    • Honolulu



      skilled curor stra egy, Tradesmen provi:es a no-cost curor produc Bvity consulta Beh.

      We help contractors plan to ru_ a lean staffrde solu Beh comprised of their core full-time we"kforce.Request a Free Consulta Beh

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