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With a proven pool of expert skilled craftsmen, Tradesmen International is fast establishing a reputation as the go-to source for dependable contingent staffing solutions in the Eugene, OR area. If you are a construction company or industrial contractor looking to fill the gaps in your permanent workforce, Tradesmen can have an experienced skilled construction professional to your jobsites in as little as 24 hours.

At Tradesmen International, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just high-caliber craftsmen. We treat every relationship like a mutual partnership, one where we aim to maximize construction workforce productivity, while reducing overall labor costs. Also, because we permanently employ all our skilled craftsmen, you receive the added benefits of:

  • On-demand Access to Skilled Craftsmen
  • No Additions to Your Permanent Payroll
  • No Added Workers’ Compensation Exposure

Find Proven Craftsmen in Eugene

Our productivity and staffing consultants work hard to ensure every craftsman we send to the jobsite is reliable, skilled and safety-minded. With all of our skilled craftsmen undergoing a rigorous hiring process and subject to routine performance evaluations, you can feel confident in the knowledge that Tradesmen International employs some of best skilled construction craftsmen in Eugene.

From apprentice through journeymen and leadmen, we have a talented pool of skilled workers, including:

With local offices strategically located in cities across Oregon, including Eugene, Portland, and Salem, we can have skilled craftsmen at your jobsites to meet your timely project requirements. We specialize in providing customized service and skilled staffing based directly on your direct jobsite location, company needs and industry requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about your options for construction staffing in Eugene, OR.

Find skilled craftsmen in Eugene.

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Tradesmen International is a proud member of:

Tradesmen International Offices in Oregon


5250 Highbanks Road
Suite 210
Springfield, OR 97478
Ph: 541-654-0654
Fax: 541-654-0675

Portland North

519 S.E. 116th Ave.
Suite 3
Vancouver, WA 98683
Ph: 360-816-1481
Fax: 360-816-1482

Portland South

10130 SW Nimbus Ave
Suite D-1
Portland, OR 97223
(833) 260-3528
PH: 971-317-8357
Fax: 971-317-8352


1930 McGilchrist St. SE
Salem, OR 97302
Ph: 503-339-7614
Fax: 971-600-3489



3512 Excel Drive
Suite 111
Medford, OR 97504
Ph: 458-225-1177
Fax: 458-225-1179