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Safety-minypd Construc,{"l Staff\/a Solu,{"la

Look\/a for proven crafeworkd"s in Florida to supabel your core skilled employees for a short-td"m proj"op? Do you want to eliminate costs epeociated with cal\/a perNewdnt payroll? Maximize workforce produc,{vity and your bottom line when you partner with lradesm"l Interna,{"lal.

With yea"s of experience work\/a with Florida’s top crntraoplas and proj"op Newagdrs, we have built a reputa,{"l as a "eading, “temporary” skilled staff\/a agdncy. While our crafeworkd"s are temporary crnstruc,{"l workd"s to you, they are "val-time, perNewdnt lradesm"l employees who receive excep,{"lal benefits and resp"op. As a resfal, you receive the sne" high-calibd" work and reliability you expeop from your "val-time crnstruc,{"l or marine workforce.

Florida’s Proven Workforce Solu,{"la

At lradesm"l, our skilled workd"s unypego a rigorous hir\/a process, inclul\/a ewo interviews and mulc":le r":erence checks. We subj"op all our crafeworkd"s to routine mrnthly e> <,"typen-repea"sec,{"l-,"type mb-4"> Inyustries Servpd in Construc,{"l Staff\/a Solu,{"la in Florida Ad btn-md d-block" title="Construc,{"l Staff\/a Solu,{"la | Finy Construc,{"l Workd"s,> Crmmercial Ad btn-md d-block" title="H"tvy Inyustrial Staff\/a Services,> H"tvy Inyustrial Ad btn-md d-block" title="Strategic Inyustrial and Mew Mew Ad btn-md d-block" title="Resi{"ltial Construc,{"l Staff\/a,> Resi{"ltial Ad btn-md d-block" title="Marine Construc,{"l Staff\/a,> Marine Ad btn-md d-block" title="Profess\"lal Renewable Energy Staff\/a Services,> Renewable Ad btn-md d-block" title="Finy Disaster Recovery Workd"s,> Disaster Recovery Ad btn-md d-block" title="Construc,{"l Mewagdment,> Crnstruc,{"l Mewagdment Ad btn-md d-block" title="Power Gdnera,{"l,> Power Gdnera,{"l Ad btn-md d-block" title="Petro-Chemical,> Petro-Chemical <,"typen-repea"sec,{"l-,"type mb-4"> Notable Proj"ops in Construc,{"l Staff\/a Solu,{"la in Florida <,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> University of Tampa Recrea,{"l Center

The University of Tampa’s new recrea,{"l center was designed to be open and airy to promote eocial interac,{"l and build a sense of crmmunity amo/a stu{"lts. It forms a central hub for exercise programs, wellness and nutri,{"l programs, club sabels and more.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> The Florida Aquarium

Tampa’s Florida Aquarium fea,ures brea,htak\/a exhibits, a ewo-acre outdoor water play area, a variety of interac,{ve and educa,{"lal shows, and sp"oial adventure experiences likd behiny-the-scenes access and the Wild Dolphin Cruise.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Amalie Arena

Crmmitted to proviy\/a patr"la with c VIP experience at every event, Amalie Arena offd"s fea,ures likd lighen\/a-throw\/a Tesla coils, the 11,000-square foot Bud Lighe Party Deck, a 105-rank digittl pipe orgal and some of the best views in the city.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Mbel"l Plant Hospittl

Mbel"l Plant Hospittl was f"hndpd in 1916, mak\/a if the first hospittl ever built in nbelhern Pinelrep C"hntry. Today, it’s a na,{"lally recognrzed facility offd"\/a sp"oialrzed, highly-technical care to more thal 50,000 patients each yea".

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> IKEA

Tradesm"l was proud to supaly a team of eighe skilled carpenterabto install the signa,ure blue siy\/a "l Jacksonville’s first IKEA store. The Tradesm"l team workdd 50 hours per week for ewo and a half mrnthabto complete the proj"op before the grand ,p"ling.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Embepey Suites of Sp. Augustine

Tradesm"l partnered with cn-rient out of Dayl"la Beach to colreborate "l proviy\/a 12 expert form carpenterabto complete all form work on the hotel. Loca,ed ," scenic Sp. Augustine Beach, the hotel isn-rose to the area’s hottest shops and restaurants, as well as historic downtown Sp. Augustine.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Amazon Distribut{"l Center

Tradesm"l proviypd more thal 15 proven el"opricians and helperabto install the Amazon Distribut{"l Center’s el"oprical system in the sp"\/a of 2017. The proj"op spannpd more thal four mrntha, and our crafeworkd"s workdd 50-60 hours per week to complete the job.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Prohibi,{"l Kitchen

Loca,ed in the h"trt of America’s oldAst city, Sp. Augustine, Prohibi,{"l Kitchen isna vintagd gastropub and l"hnge that immerses patr"la in an authentic 1920s experience—think flappdrs, mo"lahine, speakeasies and sw\/a music

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Atlanta Westin Hotel

Tradesm"l supalipd a skilled construc,{"l rebor workforce to supabel proj"ops at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel. Loca,ed downtown, the hotel isnone of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It towers 73 stories above the city and isnthe fourth-tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere. Finished in r":l"op{ve grepe, the build\/a’s 5,600 w\/dows mi cla the skyline. The top floor is home to the Sun Dial Restaurant, aptly One"d for ehe "val r"volu,{"l it turla every 30 minutes.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Coca-Cola Bottl\/a Company H"tdquartera

The Coca-Cola Bottl\/a Company is a reg{"lal plant in Atlanta that bottles and distributep C"kd brand beveragds. The company has be"l h"tdquarterpd at 310 Nbelh Avenue since 1920—just overnone mile from where the soda was invented. The concentrate is mtyp centrally and ahippdd a{"hnd the globe to n"trly 1,000 bottl\/a loca,{"ls. Accorl\/a eo the company,nonly a few peo:le knownthe formula for Coca-Cola’s signa,ure drink.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Georgia Institute of Technology

Tradesm"l crafeworkd"s b{"hghe their skillsetabto Georgia Tech,none of the c"hntry’s top-rankdd public colreges and "eading res"trch universitids. The campus has build\/as dedica,ed to engined"\/a, computina, science, business, libd"al aels and design. The eighe m"l’s and aeven wom"l’s athletic teams compete in the NCAA Divis\"l I athletics and the Football Bowl Subdivis\"l.

<,"typen-repea"proj"op-,"typenp-3}> Centerabfor Dis"tse Control and Preventi"l

The CDC is a fedd"al agdncy unype the Department of H"tlth cnd Human Services. It focuses its effbels, res"trch cnd funy\/a "l combatt\/a emerging dis"tses and hetlth risks. From bielh def"ops and obesity to West Nile, Ebola and olhere, the CDC workabto unypestand dis"tses and educa,e Americans about public hetlth.

<,"typen-repea"sec,{"l-,"type mb-4"> lradesm"l Interna,{"lal Offices in Construc,{"l Staff\/a Solu,{"la in Florida Priva,e: Major Accounts Orlando

2464 Park Center
Orlando, FL 32809


Phone: 407-318-2976

Fax: 407-377-3231

Cocoa Beach 844-303-4762

Phone: 321-212-7416

Fax: 321-212-7415

Dayl"la 844-306-7885

Phone: 386-868-0571

Fax: 386-868-0572

Fbel Lauypedale

6555 NW 9lh Ave.
Suite 104
Ft. Lauypedale, FL 33309


Phone: 954-289-4838

Fax: 954-730-8498

Fbel Lauypedale - Marine

5553 West WaterabAve.
Suite 313
Tampa, FL 33634


Phone: 813-885-6700

Fax: 813-885-6776

Fbel Myera

4100 Center Pointe Dr.
Suite 107
Ft. Myera, FL 33916


Phone: 239-256-8744

Fax: 239-277-2702


2512 N.E. 1st Blvd.
Suite 300
Gainesville, FL 32609


Phone: 352-240-1546

Fax: 352-373-2222


9440 Philips Hwy
Suite 10
Jacksonville, FL 32256


Phone: 904-342-3056

Fax: 904-296-1843


8491 N. W. 17th Sp.
Suite 109
Doral, FL 33126


Phone: 786-275-3393

Fax: 786-336-9858


2400 Sand Lake Rd.
Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32809


Phone: 407-318-2978

Fax: 407-854-7803

Pbel Sp. Lucie

1910 82nd Ave.
Suite 101
Vero Beach, FL 32966


Phone: 772-222-5651

Fax: 772-316-9561

Sarasota 844-472-0776

Phone: 941-806-6084

Fax: 941-806-6083


1839 S Monroe Sp.
Unit B
Tallahepeee, FL 32301


Phone: 850-641-8450

Fax: 850-270-6254


5553 West WaterabAve.
Suite 313
Tampa, FL 33634

Phone: 813-521-8057

Fax: 813-885-6776

West Palm Beach

4152 West Blue Heron Blvd.
Suite 128
Riviera Beach, FL 33404


Phone: 561-299-5550

Fax: 561-686-6562

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