Optimized Workforce Productivity = Optimized Profit Margins


While supporting the contingent skilled construction labor needs of contractors is central to our business, our main objective is genuine partnership with our clients, so we can most effectively assist them in improving overall construction workforce productivity.

And it works: Total Labor Support® services, in conjunction with our skilled labor, have proven to assist contractors across North America in reducing annual construction labor-related expenditures an average 22%.

Total Labor Support® Includes:

Total Labor Support® Delivers:

  • Substantially reduced overall construction labor costs (fixed plus variable)
  • Greatly improved construction workforce productivity per dollar of labor costs
  • Increased profit per job
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation exposure and costs
  • Reduced SUTA/unemployment expenditures
  • Minimized overtime expenses
  • Reduced administrative costs: payroll, recruitment, advertising, etc.
  • Immediate, hassle-free access to reliable, high-caliber craftsmen when you need them, anywhere in the North America
  • Ability to bid on more jobs and jobs of all sizes
  • A single source contact for comprehensive construction labor expertise
  • Safer working conditions; reduced OSHA citation exposure

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