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Tradesmen launches veteran and spouse hiring initiative.

Veteran Initiative LogoOur founder was an army veteran and our first general manager was a navy vet. In saying so, Tradesmen has always proactively recruited retired military, active duty and national guardsmen on our team…


How is Tradesmen able hire and retain experienced craft professionals during this skilled labor shortage?

While Tradesmen is impacted by the shortage of skilled and experienced craftsmen, we have extensive recruiting resources that will surprise you. Learn how we’re able to support your manpower needs.

Did you know Tradesmen has always offered our employees full benefits?  

Tradesmen International is proud to employ the industry’s top skilled craftsmen.  We make every effort to keep our employees consistently working, with top pay and on projects shaping our community landscapes.  But don’t take it from us, take it from our craftsmen…


"Tradesmen International has been instrumental in providing A/I/DATA with field staffing resources. The account representatives at Tradesmen have been very responsive to our needs and make it easy to increase our capacity without a lot of paperwork and long term commitments."

Accurate Infrastructure Data, Inc.

"After partnering up with Tradesmen, I have found that as our workload increases, it has been more productive to supplement Tradesmen guys on certain jobsites for the exact number we need and for the right amount of time. By utilizing Tradesmen, it has kept Tyler Mechanical more productive on jobsites."

Tyler Mechanical

"As a specialized contractor, it is difficult to find contingent skilled laborers who are familiar with our industry. We have been able to successfully supplement our crews during our busy seasons through partnering with Tradesmen International since 2008. Our account representatives work hard to meet our staffing needs in spite of our ever-changing schedule; their hard work and dedication is invaluable to our jobs' success."

Mr. GoodTower Service Division