Learn how contractors nationally use contract skilled labor to
Optimize Workforce Productivity and Project Profitability.

Tradesmen’s proven CORE+Flex methodology enables contractors to run with a leaner full-time crew and, as workload exceeds what they can handle, we flex in skilled trades precisely when needed to optimize the work-to-worker ratio.

Tradesmen can tailor a skilled trade staffing solution for you that:

  • Maximizes workforce productivity
  • Reduces hiring costs and challenges
  • Minimizes unemployment expenditures
  • Lessens overtime costs
  • Mitigates workers’ compensation risk and costs

ABC Strategic PartnerWe’re proud to provide Commercial, Industrial and Residential Staffing, as well as  Manufacturing Staffing support with craftworkers who emphasize Safety, Productivity and Craftsmanship.

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Devise a Flexible Staffing Plan with Contract Skilled Labor

Prepare your construction business to capitalize on project opportunities as the crisis ends and the economy rebounds. Tradesmen International provides a recession-proven CORE + Flex labor staffing strategy, starting with a no-cost labor productivity consultation, to help your business survive and thrive.

Tradesmen can Tailor a contingent staffing solution to:

  • Maximize workforce productivity
  • Reduce hiring costs and challenges
  • Limit overtime expenditures
  • Minimize workers’ compensation exposure

We’re proud to provide Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing and Residential Staffing Support with craftsmen who emphasize Safety, Productivity and Craftsmanship!

Productivity Consulting for Smarter, More Flexible Staffing

Contractors of all sizes work with Tradesmen’s trained consultants to ascertain what volume of full-time craft employees makes sense for their business. Our construction labor management consultants help you devise a CORE + Flex skilled labor plan. They provide guidance on how to identify which specific craft employees you should bring back after a layoff and how to supplement with contract skilled craftsmen on an as-needed basis.

Read how contractors embrace Tradesmen’s flexible staffing strategy

Reduce Labor-related Costs and Maximize Workforce Productivity

The CORE + Flex labor staffing approach, supported by contract skilled labor, creates a core staff level, avoids costly spikes and dips, and saves thousands of dollars in labor-related and hiring and dehiring costs. With a CORE + Flex labor strategy, contractors find they can afford higher quality professionals with no sacrifice to job profitability or productivity.



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