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Is Tradesmen International a temporary service?

No, absolutely not. Unlike temporary services and other employment agencies, Tradesmen invests in its workforce by offering full benefits and OSHA safety training, in addition to opportunities for skill training. We hire all our employees with the intent on keeping each fully employed throughout the year with reputable partnering contractor clients. We provide field-tested, skilled craftworkers to our clients, not temporary workers. If we employ you, you will work alongside America’s finest skilled craftworkers.

Why should I work for Tradesmen when I can find my own jobs?

With more than 5,000 active clients across North America, Tradesmen takes both the worry, and the work, out of your job search. We work with many contractors in your area so that we are able to offer a steady stream of jobs for our workers. Additionally, it is our full-time job to ensure that our skilled craftworkers stay productively working. Our employees consistently comment that working for Tradesmen has reduced the amount of time that they were out of work and the diversity of work afforded them is exceptional.

In general, what is Tradesmen looking for in an employee?

Simply put, our Tradesmen recruiting staff – Project Coordinators – is committed to hiring only those individuals who showcase these characteristics:

  • Always safety-minded
  • Exceptional abilities at Apprentice-, Journey- or Leadman-levels
  • Solid work ethic
  • Unwavering reliability
  • Strong personal values
  • Desire to consistently improve skills
  • Drug free at all times

Tradesmen International is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

How should I prepare for the interview; what should I bring?

Our objective during a Tradesmen recruiting interview is to gain an extensive understanding of your employment background and the skills you possess, so that we can offer you the pay and jobs that best meet your qualifications. Please bring your valid driver’s license and details of your work history covering the past five years including verifiable references to your Tradesmen recruiting interview. Finally, you must show that you have reliable transportation.

Do you assess my skill level; do you provide skill testing?

Yes. As a means to ensure that you’re being compensated for Tradesmen asks candidates to complete a written MOCode test which gives us a good understanding of your trade knowledge.  We also employ hands-on skill testing when possible as well as a safety assessment.

How much will I be paid when I join Tradesmen?

We will seek to pay a competitive market wage for you once you have completed our hiring process and provided us with details of your skills, abilities and previous employment experience. We make every effort to ensure you will be paid at or above the industry standard for your qualifications.

Do you offer overtime?

Many of the jobs that Tradesmen employees work on offer the employee opportunities to work overtime. If you want to put in the extra hours, you will find that Tradesmen will generally provide you with the opportunity to do so.

Can I refer a friend to work for Tradesmen International?

Absolutely. We encourage all employees to refer as many skilled craftworkers as possible, as long as they, too, are high-caliber. In fact, you may be able to receive cash bonuses and other incentives for your referrals once they have worked a qualifying period with Tradesmen International.

If I join Tradesmen’s health benefit program, how do I find out if my doctor is part of the plan?

Please feel free to discuss this issue in your interview, as any Tradesmen field office can help you determine if your current doctor is part of the Tradesmen preferred provider plan. If you are already an employee, simply contact your local office or call 1.844.306.7022 and ask the Benefits Coordinator.

Are there any fees or charges to me if I work for Tradesmen?

When you choose to become a member of our workforce, the only deductions you will see on your paycheck are required payroll taxes, premiums for any of the benefit programs that you have elected to join and any other deductions authorized by you or required by law.

What employment benefits and bonuses are offered?

We pride ourselves in being a leader in our industry. We currently offer a comprehensive benefits and bonus package for our employees that includes the following:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance
  • A 401(k) Retirement Savings Program with Employer Matching
  • Safety Incentive Awards
  • Free Safety Training
  • Skill Training Opportunities with Tuition Reimbursement for Eligible Employees
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Tool, Auto and Truck Discounts
  • Employee Store: Clothing Below Retail Cost
  • Service Awards, Employee Cookouts and More.

Does Tradesmen understand the employment needs of today’s craftworkers?

Tradesmen has been in the business of recruiting and keeping skilled craftworkers productive on jobs all across North America since 1992. Our business has grown to one of the industry’s largest providers of skilled labor by understanding the needs of the craftworkers in today’s labor market. Our interviewing process – administered by recruiters with construction experience – enables us to keep up on current craftworkers needs and desires while also getting a solid handle on the skills and abilities of our workforce.

How do I get started with Tradesmen?

Becoming a Tradesmen employee is a simple process requiring minimal effort on your part. It includes a comprehensive interview where we can get an understanding of your skills and abilities, and a basic reference check. Just fill out an online Tradesmen job inquiry form, or simply call 1.844.306.7022 to speak to a recruitment representative in the office nearest you. All Tradesmen employees are expected to be drug-free.

What type of skilled labor is Tradesmen searching for?

We’re looking for skilled craftworkers across a variety of trades, including:

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