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Trained Labor Management Consultants with Staffing Strategy Expertise

Our general managers and field representatives attend ongoing construction labor management training at Tradesmen’s education center in Macedonia, Ohio. The training uses a proprietary labor-oriented curriculum that combines in-depth classroom instruction with role-playing and real-world problem solving.

This program prepares Tradesmen personnel to understand all aspects of labor management, labor issues confronting construction management and the specific methods our company employs to solve today’s workforce challenges. Each employee must successfully complete multiple levels of intense training to achieve certification as a Labor Productivity Consultant.

How Does Total Labor Support Help Construction Workforce Productivity?

What makes Tradesmen International different from traditional staffing or temporary agencies? We educate our people to understand your business so they can contribute substantially to your long-term profitability. In addition to training the best people, we offer insight into best practices and staffing strategies.

Construction contractors who partner with Tradesmen benefit from a single source contact for comprehensive labor expertise, as well as:

  • Substantially reduced labor costs (fixed plus variable)
  • Improved construction workforce productivity per dollar of labor costs
  • Increased profit per job
  • Reduced workers’ compensation exposure and unemployment expenditures
  • Minimized overtime expenses
  • Reduced administrative costs, including payroll, recruitment and advertising
  • Ability to bid on more jobs of all sizes
  • Safer working conditions and reduced OSHA citation exposure

Devise a skilled staffing plan today

With a CORE + Flex skilled labor strategy, Tradesmen provides a no-cost labor productivity consultation.

We help contractors plan to run a lean staffing solution comprised of their core full-time workforce. 

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