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Discover the capabilities of the Tradesmen® workforce

No matter your industry, Tradesmen® has access to the highest quality workforce available. With those craftworkers, we help clients achieve significant profitable growth by right-sizing their core workforce and supplementing them with the most qualified contingent craftworkers when necessary. The qualifications and expertise of the craftworkers we work with are diverse, but their proven ability and commitment to safety are consistent.

Qualified Workers

Skilled trades staffing agencies like Tradesmen® have access to the highest caliber of skilled workers. As a premier staffing company, we bring on the best talent and our clients gain access to employees with the training to get the job done right. Our expert recruiters maintain strong working relationships with thousands of skilled trade workers across the nation. 

Partnering with Tradesmen® means having a dependable source for top talent whenever you have a need. 

Modern Manufacturing Workforce 

Most industries are inundated with work and constantly scrambling for new hires. Project managers can’t stay on time without necessary personnel like equipment operators and welders. This labor deficit leaves companies in a cycle of revenue loss, poorly staffed sites, and potential sub-quality craftsmanship. It’s beyond challenging to hire the best talent without the reach and resources of a top skilled trades staffing agency. 

With Tradesmen®, we do the heavy lifting when it comes to sourcing a skilled workforce. A successful modern manufacturing workforce means partnering with the best in staffing

Get Vetted Craft Professionals

Tradesmen’s® staffing experts do the screening and vetting work for you to ensure you’re getting the best talent. We provide proven craftworkers who have been stringently evaluated with face-to-face or video interviews, reference checks, workforce hours verification, and credential verification. With a nationwide talent pool of over 500,000 craft professionals, we provide the best talent right when you need it. Our skilled workers are ready to serve your business today. Trust us to deliver high-quality skilled labor to get the job done right. 

Expedited Staffing Solutions

Bringing on skilled workers is key in the current labor deficit, but taking ages to source the correct number of staff will still leave companies in the lurch. Missing key shipbuilders or welders can push a project back by days or even weeks. Every industry needs excellent staffing in a timely manner. Tradesmen® provides a quick turnaround to get you more labor right when you need it. Our expedited staffing solutions are possible due to our:

  • expansive database of skilled workers,   
  • recruiting magnitude with more than 200 full-time professional recruiters,
  • National Recruiting Center with specialized trade teams, and 
  • advanced technology with push-of-button service our powerful national recruiting engine is focused on your specific order.

Beyond Skilled Labor

Tradesmen® does more than just provide access to skilled tradespeople. With one call we offer both skilled workers and labor management support to meet the majority of your labor needs. Our labor cost containment strategies enable companies to meet critical business objectives, such as:

  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Reduced hiring and de-hiring spend 
  • Minimized safety risks 
  • Mitigated long-term unemployment expenditures 
  • Met client quality and deadline expectations
  • Controlled benefits expenditures

Tradesmen International® is a solution to all varied types of skilled staffing needs for now and in the future. 

Skilled Trades Staffing: Skilled Construction Industry Trades

Learn more about industry-specific capabilities below.

Skilled Trades Staffing: Traveling Tradesmen® & Heavy Industrial Craftworkers

Our Major Accounts Division is uniquely positioned to cover all corners of North America with access to an elite travel-dedicated workforce proven to deliver results. From new plants and shutdowns to turnarounds and outages, our comprehensive recruiting outfit has developed a pool of talent available for:

  • Plant shutdowns
  • Decommissioning
  • Refinery turnarounds
  • Planned & unplanned outages
  • Power generation
  • Disaster recovery
  • Plant relocation
  • Major production upgrades
  • New construction

Skilled Trades Staffing: Power and Energy Trades

Tradesmen’s® power and energy workforce isn’t some collection of laborers looking for jobs. Our energy staffing specialists find and vet the most qualified craftworkers in the power and energy field, creating a powerful workforce ready to help you meet the evolving demands of the energy industry. Our specialties include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Nuclear Power
  • Alternative Energy
  • Solar Power
  • And Many More Trades

North America’s Elite Marine Craftworkers

No marine workforce has the ability or experience of Tradesmen’s®. Our team is unique within the industry because they understand the specific needs required of the marine trades. After all, our group includes former mariners, merchant captains, shipbuilding professionals, naval officers, and enlisted personnel who have spent their lives in shipyards.

Whether you’re looking for experienced yacht builders, marine electricians, or structural welders, we have the A+ craftworkers you’re after. Click here to learn more about our marine capabilities.

Get Started With Top Skilled Trades Staffing

On a tight schedule? Don’t worry. Tradesmen® provides just-in-time staffing support to ensure you meet your deadlines and have the help you need. 

We’ve seen businesses struggle with finding the best local craftworkers to meet their job requirements. That’s why we provide the ultimate solution by giving you access to a skilled workforce of reliable and safety-minded professionals. Tell us how many craftworkers you need — whether it’s two or two dozen — and we’ll provide the labor support for increased productivity.

Reach out today for construction staffing and industrial staffing solutions. 

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With a CORE + Flex skilled labor strategy, Tradesmen provides a no-cost labor productivity consultation.

We help contractors plan to run a lean staffing solution comprised of their core full-time workforce. 

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