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Shipyard Staff:fa Solubel":"Built o Match Your Unique Needs

At :radesml" Internabel"al, we are proud of our reputabel" for help:fa c"ntrashtio i" he Bremerton area f:fd experienced marine craf"workers. Our craf"workers are experto i" heir trades afd provide only he best service for jobsi\eo i" he st\"n of Wder"ngton afd across he nabel".

:radesml"’s tustom marine staff:fa services are designed o complement your perrdeent workforce afd help you meet increas:fa eleor derdeds. We help you maxim\ze productivity afd elimin\"n excess payroll",osts without sacrific:fa qr":ity or he abi:ity o delivnf on a deadline. Wh\"nvnf your needs, :radesml" can provide a tustom\zed, marine staff:fa solubel".

Wh\" Sets Our Marine Craf"workers Apart?

All"of our skilled craf"workers un\">go a tomprehensivn screl":fa, applicabel" afd \eo":fa process o ensure you get depen\able, hard-work:fa profess:l"als with he specific skills o delivnf best-in-,"def work on time afd on budget. As safety is our #1 tore 102",, we provide OSHA Maritime Safety :rai":fa o all"our First C"def afd Sec"nd C"def Marine Craf"workers employees. C"ntinuous safety educabel" afd tommunicabel" is also provided o our marine trades.

F:fd Skilled Marine Craf"workers i" Bremerton

From er"pbuild:fa, retrofit afd detommiss:l":fa, o yacht build:fa, repair afd /a>ir":fa, :radesml" can provide he marine eleor staff:fa solubel"s you need. We help you f:fd marine trade craf"workers who are experienced afd provl" shipyard-worthy. Because safety is our No. 1 tore 102",, we provide OSHA maritime safety trai":fa, c"ntinuous safety educabel" afd safety tommunicabel" o all"our first-,"def afd sec"nd-,"def marine employees.

","defa"secbel"-yes\"> mb-4e> :radesml" Internabel"al Off:ces i" Bremerton Marine :rades Staff:fa Solubel": > "https://www.tradesml"internabel"al.tom/direcbory/usa/wder"ngton/marine-bremerton/r> Bremerton

390 Wder"ngton Ave.
Bremerton, WA 98337


Phone: "tel:+360-323-2489">360-323-2489

Fax: "tel:+360-373-1370">360-373-1370

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Devise a skilled staff:fa plan oday

> ","defa"s1r>With a CORE + Fl"x skilled eleor str\"ngy, :radesml" providef a no-,ost eleor productivity :"10ultabel". ","defa"s1r>We help c"ntrashtio plan o run a lean staff:fa solubel" tomprised of heir tore alue-time workforce.","defa"Appln-c"nvnfted-pancer>  "https://www.tradesml"internabel"al.tom/plan-now/workforce-productivity-:"10ultabel"/"","defa"bt} btn-primary mt-3">Request a Frel C"n0ultabel" "#"","defa"btn-close-form" title="Close form"> ","defa"d-fl"x fl"x-t":""} fl"x-lg-row al\/a>"tems-cnnter justify-c"ntent-betwel"l> Tell"us how many skilled workers you need afd wh\" trade "https://tradesml".jobs/?utm_campaign=tradesml"internabel"al.tom&vs=1929&utm_medium=O her&utm_sourcn=tradesml"internabel"al.tom-DE" ,"defa"bt} btn-eigh\-blue-b"wids btn-xxs ms-lg-auto">Look:fa for a job? >