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A global client and their sister company partnered with Tradesmen in November 2021 to help staff a crew to build a fleet of tiny homes. We were able to quickly fill the roles that they needed: 10 carpenters, a plumber, and two electricians thanks to ATL Josh Kull and his teams’ efforts. After a few weeks, we began exhausting the local pipeline; however, the client’s needs were not slowing and the demand for more skill tradesmen still existed.

I brought my AM, Mike Patzek, up-to-speed and he helped facilitate a meeting with the client, to educate them on utilizing our national database of craftworkers by offering a per diem. Patzek and I broke out the cost differential; we asked them to be flexible with the overtime hours to help make the job more attractive to potential craftworkers. We gave them confidence that we are the labor experts in this challenging time.

A day later, they placed an order for another nine field employees for the Thursday before Memorial Day. Immediately, Patzek, Gerri (PC), Josh’s (ATL) team and I began working the phones, looking to find the closest people interested in traveling first, then outsourcing to some of the further areas. We made a conscious effort to reach out to every General Manager and ATL in the northeast. We called hundreds of qualified employees, and within 24 hours we had compiled more than 30 candidates…all thanks to the coordinated army that is Tradesmen. The client was in shock that we were able to drive so much activity, overnight, when it felt like we have been in a stalemate for a few weeks. The following week we had their entire order filled and they were back on their game – pumping out more production hours than they even expected. They finally understood what we needed to get their job done right.

Our ability to drive activity for their company proved to be immensely valuable, leading them to place orders with us in other markets. We now have open ended orders for plumbers and carpenters in New York and, six welders, two electricians, and six carpenters in Pennsylvania. We have instilled so much confidence in our client that they are beginning to work on their new contract to be renewed in July, with their customer.

None of this would have been possible without our amazing project coordinators who worked diligently to make sure everyone’s paperwork, trainings and other ends were met so these craftworkers could get to work. Everyone chipped in, even if an employee didn’t make the final list. BIG shoutout to Gerri Lawrence (PC), Brittany Cashion (PC), Stanley Urbanik (PC), Eric Gurnsey (GM), and Rick Metz (AE) who sent employees that the client loves.

“This was a great opportunity to collaborate with the sales team in Syracuse. We were able to implement the coverage model with multiple PC’s submitting candidates while sales helped recruit, as well. Gerri Lawrence, from Poughkeepsie, played a big part in keeping things organized and making sure nothing slipped through the cracks with paperwork and availability. One of our newest PC’s, Brittany Cashion, really stepped up with four submittals that turned into hires. Stanley Urbanik in Allentown chipped in with a solid candidate. Overall, this was an exceptional display of teamwork and a big win for the area.”
– Joshua Kull

“This was a tremendous show of teamwork and an example of what truly separates Tradesmen from everyone else. It’s always great to see what we can accomplish when the sales team brings a consultative approach to the client and turns an ordinary order into a dynamic one by adding things like per diem, overtime, and flexible hours. This in turn enables our recruiting partners to do what they do best.”
– Mike Patzek

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