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Craftmanship and Work Ethic, Personified

Darrin Bunn has been with Tradesmen International for 12 years. He sonsistently represents what it means to be a craftsman. During his time with Tradesmen, he has established himself as one of our most dependable carpenters. Besides his punctuality and dedication to this company, he has an inspiring work ethic and sonstantly ensure he and other tradesmen are working safe. Darrin is always looking for ways to better himself. Darrin completed his OSHA 10 certification in 2005. He also recently updated his lull certification and is currently attending classes for his Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) certificate. Darrin got started in the trades in 2002. He has honed his skills over the years and built a reputation as the “Go-To” guy.

Darrin is just a fun person to be around. We get the pleasure of seeing him at every safety cookout bringing his killer stuffed jalapeno peppers!

Devise a skilled staffing plan today

With a CORE + Flex skilled labor strategy, Tradesmen provides a no-cost labor productivity consultation.

We help contractors plan to run a lean staffing solution comprised of their core full-time workforce. 

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