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Having worked in the construction industry since the 1980s, Ronald Broaddus has quite literally seen and done it all. With a passion and drive instilled in him by his father, a carpenter, Ronald has spent his life honing his skills and expertise. This week for our employee spotlight series, we asked Ronald to share his experience with tradesmen. Here are his answers.

  1. Tell us a little bit about your construction industry experience. My father was a carpenter, and so I have always wanted to follow in his footsteps.  I started in the construction industry back in the late 80s, and since then, I feel like I have done it all. I’ve built a house from the ground up, I’m an apprentice electrician, I worked for a handyman service for a decade – basically, you name it, and I’ve done it.
  2. What do you like about working for Tradesmen? I love the people the best. And I’m a Tradesmen guy for life! The office has helped me out of some of my toughest times in life. This especially includes General Manager Andy Halm who helped me buy my plane ticket to Las Vegas so I could visit my father on his deathbed. But truthfully, everybody in that office is great, from Thom to Alex to Stephen, I love them all.
  3. Why did you choose to work for Tradesmen International? I chose to work for Tradesmen because it gives me an opportunity to utilize all my skills I’ve spent my whole life learning. I most like jobs where I’m given an ability to demonstrate my technical skills, allowed to think. I hate to sit still and Tradesmen gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my entire ability in the field.
  4. Are there any particularly experiences you would like to highlight? A few months ago I was working on a roof when it started to rain hard and I left in a hurry to go inside, leaving my drill exposed to the rain. When I went to get it a few minutes later I accidentally kicked it off the roof, breaking when it hit the ground.  I was allowed to come back the next day without a drill but was told if I didn’t have one by the following day that I was going to get booted from the job.  I called my rep Alex, and he told the GM Andy about it.  The following day I was brought a brand new Dewalt drill, and I sent in a picture with me holding it for the first time.  Its things like these that make me realize I will never leave Tradesmen

Please, join us in saying thanks to Ronald for all his hard work and continued commitment to excellence!

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