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Shawn Jenkins

Thank You Shawn for 20 Years of Commitment to Excellence

Congratulations Shawn Jenkins for 20 years of commitment and loyalty to Tradesmen International!

Shawn started with Tradesmen September 1998 as a field carpenter and glazier.  He then moved into the office as Project Coordinator in 2007.  Since then he has taken the recruiting industry by storm.  Not only does he have vast knowledge of the trades, and many accolades in his tool belt, but is passionate about what he does. 

Over the years Shawn has hired close to three thousand qualified craftworkers, and partnered with almost every office across the country to fill orders.  He enjoys the opportunity to interact with every team, and offer a helping hand.  Including doing your I-9’s since he has yet to make a mistake!  The pride is his work really is next to none.   When it comes to best practices, Shawn Jenkins is a part of that conversation. 

Shawn is not just a great asset, but a true example of what the Tradesmen family is all about.  We are proud to recognize Shawn Jenkins for 20 years of service. 

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