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“Safety’s the absolute best tool I have.”

Learn more about Steve and Lincoln in this Q&A.

What do you like about working for Tradesmen?
The fact that the assignments aren’t the same over and over and you get to learn new ways of doing things.

Tell us about Lincoln, your grandson in the photos?
Lincoln is 4 years old; we share the same month for our birthday. We play games in the arcade, go bowling and Karting. We also go into bouncy houses … of course, I’m too big for that, but it lets him burn some energy.

You’ve exhibited an exceptional safety record at Tradesmen … nearing 40,000 hours with no accidents. What drives you to be safe?
I’ve always taken on responsibility to take care of the ones I love. I take safety to heart for my three daughters and their families.

Our eldest daughter, Valerie and Ray, have three children, Gage, Nadia and RJ. Our middle daughter, Melissa with Ricky have two children, Mya and Brookelyn. Then came Brittany, with Jordy, who have two children, Lincoln and Deklan… and who recently informed us we’re having a new edition in 2023. Another reason to be safe!

All of them are my motivation to come home safe from work, to watch them grow up and to see their smiles and tears.

What got you to enter the construction trades?
Always liked working hands-on and figuring out how things worked. And as millwright, I’m able to see the accomplishment of the project, how good it looks and seeing it work correctly, which is rewarding.

Tell us about the relationship with your wife, Nathalie.
We’ve been married 36 years even while we were told it wouldn’t last because we’re kinda opposites. We raised three wonderful daughters who have great spouses. We enjoy spending time with our grandchildren and taking a few trips here and there.

Nathalie, how important is your husband’s safety to you?
Steve’s safety is very important to me; my life is complete with him. He’s my rock, my safe place and he keeps me centered. He is the love of my life, he was made for me and I thank God every night for bringing him to me. We promised to grow old together, so his safety is everything.

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