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Benefits for Human Resource Professionals

As a support arm to your internal industrial and manufacturing staffing operations we help you:

  • Sustain a profitable work-to-skilled-worker ratio on projects
  • Reduce unnecessary overtime expenditures
  • Add provisional second and third shifts to meet workload volume
  • Mitigate industrial/manufacturing trade labor shortage challenges
  • Better meet clients’ quality expectations
  • Hit client deadlines far more consistently

Human Resource Staffs Benefit from Indusrial/Manufacturing Staffing Solutions

Our skilled workers emphasize safety, productivity and craftsmanship. Tradesmen helps you:

  • Meet workforce requests from plant operations accurately with reliable, job-ready trades
  • Immediately access all trades at all skill levels, from one to dozens precisely when needed
  • Reduce paperwork and costly time dealing with multiple staffing firms with a single-source staffing solution
  • Gain localized team-level service support and 24/7 order placement convenience

In addition, we enable your company to increase workforce productivity, minimize workers’ compensation risk and cost, and other labor-related costs and to grow bottom lines via CORE+Flex™, the industry’s proven staffing strategy.

Industrial Staffing Services FAQs for HR Professionals

How is Tradesmen able to deliver proven industrial/ manufacturing trades faster and at greater fill-rates than any other staffing firm?

We have been recruiting and retaining industrial trades—from machine operators to maintenance mechanics—for nearly 30 years. Our massive database mitigates labor shortage challenges to bring you the workforce solutions you need, when you need them.

How does Tradesmen ensure a more reliable and experienced trade professional?

We constantly replace lower level employees with more skilled, tenured trades. Every Tradesmen employee completes a stringent vetting process that includes face-to-face interviews and skills testing. Client satisfaction surveys are studied, per employee, ensuring our trades exceed client expectations.

Does Tradesmen provide both skilled and unskilled contingent workers?

Yes. While our focus remains skilled trades ranging from electricians and millwrights to welders and press brake operators, we also provide warehousing, forklift drivers, general maintenance and assembly line workers. Read more about our temporary manufacturing staffing services. 

How does Tradesmen work with an industrial firm’s human resource team?

We act as an extension of your internal recruiting resources, focused on meeting HR’s objectives.

Additionally, a local industrial service professional is assigned to your account and is expected to understand your business and how you need to be serviced. Each is available 24/7 and are responsible for ensuring you are fully satisfied with every contingent employee mobilized to your facility.

What ensures a greater order fill-rate and higher quality employee delivered precisely when needed?

Order Lead Time. Decades of experience show that if given a 4-5 working day notice of trade needs, our fill-rate percentage exceeds 90% on the day of request. Of course, we support urgent overnight requests regularly and do so with accuracy

What strategy do your other manufacturer clients use to ensure high-level satisfaction?

Labor Planning – We attend many clients’ labor planning sessions. This gives our team time to source our database, determine what and when needed employees are coming off other client projects and, as necessary, to blanket the market with job postings, looking to attract and onboard trade candidates with specific skill sets and certifications.

Devise a skilled staffing plan today

With a CORE + Flex skilled labor strategy, Tradesmen provides a no-cost labor productivity consultation.

We help contractors plan to run a lean staffing solution comprised of their core full-time workforce. 

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