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Operating any type of facility brings up more than its fair share of challenges. Organizations must be prepared to face these common facility management issues and need the right tools and support to overcome them.

Common Facility Management Issues

Facilities of all kinds will likely experience these facilities management issues to some extent. Tradesmen International provides solutions to face those challenges whenever they arise.

1. Staff Shortages

Ongoing labor shortages in construction, maintenance, and other related areas are a persistent challenge for facility managers. The US construction industry has over 440,000 vacant job openings, and a projected increase in core business activities will only increase the shortage over the coming years.

Tradesmen International provides access to an established pool of skilled workers across various trades and specializations. Letting us find the right workers for your needs can cut weeks or months off of urgent staffing vacancies.

2. Maintenance Backlogs

Maintenance backlogs are at all-time highs across many industries. The COVID-19 pandemic, critical supply chain shortages, and ongoing labor shortages have allowed the list of unfinished maintenance to grow out of control over the past few years. Proper facility management software can help, but proper planning and access to top labor is vital.

Tackling your maintenance backlogs requires additional skilled labor but not necessarily establishing permanent roles. Tradesmen International lets you access the workforce you need for the appropriate duration to get back on track without making a lasting commitment.

3. On-Demand Emergency Issues

No matter how well your organization plans for emergencies, you can’t choose when they happen. Major emergencies at your facility often require additional workers for clean-up, repairs, and more. However, finding the help you need and proper facility management services on such short notice can be impossible.

Tradesmen International maintains a large pool of qualified workers that can be deployed when and where you need them. You can find a full team of skilled and reliable workers to handle on-demand emergencies and get your facility back into working order.

4. Workers Comp Issues

Ensuring workers comp compliance is a complex task that requires time and resources, even for established staff. However, failure to meet workers comp requirements has severe consequences, with thousands in fines and criminal charges depending on the state, resulting in serious facilities management challenges.

When you need to expand your team or tackle a specific project, you can ensure workers comp compliance without bearing the cost or doing the paperwork yourself. Tradesmen International handles workers comp on our end, minimizing your organization’s exposure.

5. High-Demand vs. Low-Demand Cycling

Depending on the specific nature of the facility, professional facility managers may have staffing requirements that change from high demand to low demand based on seasonal cycles or other factors. Maintaining a qualified workforce under those conditions can be challenging, with the ongoing risk of being short-staffed.

Tradesmen International provides a straightforward solution for this problem. We provide access to skilled labor for seasonal projects and short turnaround jobs without requiring you to undergo repeated recruitment each year.

6. Extraneous Labor Costs

Wages are just one part of what you need to pay your employees. On average, wages are just 69 percent of total compensation, with paid leave, supplemental pay, insurance, and other costs making up the rest. Not only will you have to pay those expenses, but you’ll also have to bear the costs of recruiting and onboarding.

With Tradesmen International, you pay a simplified rate and leave the details to us. We can help you reduce extraneous labor costs and maximize your workforce.

7. High Project Expectations

Project expectations are always a challenge and can quickly become a real problem. You need a team to meet the highest expectations and allow your facility to thrive and grow.

Tradesmen International provides proven workers with the skills and experience to deliver results. You can find the perfect solution to your unique project needs to ensure exceptional results.

8. Poor Compliance

Maintaining regulatory compliance with the wide range of applicable safety and employment codes can take time and resources from any facility manager. The resulting penalties can seriously impact your organization.

Tradesmen International handles compliance, ensuring all obligations toward workers are met to avoid any issues. Our skilled labor meets the highest standards for workplace safety and OSHA compliance.

9. Changing Technological Operations

Measures such as the National Strategy for Advanced Manufacturing are pushing industries of all kinds toward new technological solutions. As these new technologies arise, so does the need for advanced facility management operations and the skilled workers who can handle them.

With Tradesmen International, you can get access to workers with the specific skills you need. As new technologies and methods emerge, you can keep your facility up-to-date.

Effective Facility Management With Tradesmen International

Tradesmen International makes it possible to overcome these challenges with the management and staffing solutions facilities managers and organizations need. Simplify management practices, maintain compliance, and reduce costs by reaching out to Tradesmen International for your staffing solution today.

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