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A Residential Construction Worker Case Study

Burht Builders is a family-owned, third-generation custom homebuilding and remodeling business. Located in Syracuse, Indiana, Burht Builders is known for its craftsmanship, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. The business specializes in upscale lake vacation properties and luxury houses with the goal of building breathtaking dream homes.

The Challenge: Find Highly Skilled Craftworkers

The high-end construction business was searching for reliable, highly skilled residential construction workers to staff its many projects throughout Syracuse, Kosciusko County, Warsaw, and Turkey Creek Township. The process was not only time consuming but also unsuccessful due to the ongoing skilled trade shortage impacting the economy.

Burht Builders repeatedly turned away applicants who did not have the field-proven expertise they required to staff upscale residential construction sites. The company was spending valuable resources and time to find, interview and ultimately dismiss unqualified applicants. They were also putting a strain on their core workforce. Burht Builders needed support from a skilled labor staffing partner.

The Solution: Partner with a Contingent Staffing Provider

Jennifer Burht, office manager at Burht Builders, discovered Tradesmen International via a quick Google search in 2016. Initially, she was looking for dependable, skilled craftworkers. In the five years since she found Tradesmen, Jennifer has received consistent access to a skilled labor pool comprised of residential construction workers with a breadth and depth of expertise.

“Over the last decade, it has become increasingly difficult to find skilled carpenters,” said Jennifer. “Since we began working with Tradesmen, it’s rare that our Tradesmen rep has no one available. And in those rare instances, he always says, ‘I’ll see what I can do’ and finds the people we need rolling off other projects within a week or two at most. This helps us maintain productivity.”

Safety-minded Professionals

In addition to a dependable fill rate, Jennifer also cites a fruitful partnership as a benefit of working with Tradesmen for temporary skilled labor support at high-end construction jobsites. Her Tradesmen rep always provides professional, safety-minded craftworkers for Jennifer’s luxury home projects.

“What we value most is Tradesmen’s pre-screening process, which has been evident in each craftsman we’ve received,” said Jennifer. “Throughout the years we’ve worked together, Burht Builders received only two [skilled craftworkers] who weren’t a good fit. Tradesmen quickly rectified those situations with workers who were better suited for us, which really says something.”

It saves Jennifer’s team time and resources, knowing the house construction workers they receive can do what they need them to do—all on time and on budget.

Lasting Mentorships

While these contingent skilled craftworkers are full-time Tradesmen employees, they are accepted and appreciated by the Burht Builders team. According to Jennifer, a wonderful mentorship has flourished between one particular Tradesmen skilled craftsman and members her core workforce.

“We simply love him,” said Jennifer. “He came to our Christmas party, and we treat him like an employee. The only difference is, we don’t have to pay his benefits and his rate is locked in.”

Residential Construction Staffing from Tradesmen

Looking for contingent skilled craftworkers to support a peak season residential construction project or short-term job? Tradesmen stands ready with on-demand, field-proven house construction workers. We can help you to:

  • Find reliable, credentialed and safety-minded craftworkers experienced in residential construction
  • Decrease hiring costs and hassles
  • Avoid costs associated with workers’ compensation, payroll and unemployment
  • Position your company to increase workforce productivity and achieve short- and long-term profits

Find residential construction staffing for your single-family home, multi-family home or high-end construction project today.

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