According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who pull information from State & Local sources to determine employment data, a few states around the country are projected to begin or continue short term construction growth through 2017 as evidenced by projected growth in construction labor jobs.

We dove into some of the most interesting numbers.

Projected Total Construction Labor Jobs by End of 2017

These 8 states are projected to employ the most construction laborers by the end of 2017, according to the BLS projections. While some are to be expected (Texas, California, Florida), others are more of a surprise.

Here are the 8 states that will be home to the most construction labor jobs by the end of 2017

  • California – 139,110
  • Florida – 72,960
  • New York – 67,700
  • Pennsylvania – 45,830
  • Illinois – 42,860
  • Georgia – 39,340
  • Washington – 35,210

Projected Growth in Construction Labor Jobs by End of 2017

The next figure we looked at was the percentage change in each state over the current numbers. A few states appear in the above list, which makes sense, but others (including a US territory) are just breaking through as construction hot spots.

Here are the top 6 states in terms of percentage increase in construction labor jobs by the end of 2017:

  • Nevada – +22.3%
  • Idaho – +18.1%
  • Colorado – +15.8%
  • US Virgin Islands – +13.8%
  • California – +11.6%
  • Arizona – +11.2%