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As the cold weather dissipates and hazardous conditions dissipate in most of the country, your projects are likely ramping up. The construction industry as a whole is on the rebound, with spending totaling $1.82 trillion in January 2023. New housing projects are increasing, and the market is set to be in full swing moving out of the off season.

Although numerous construction projects are underway, the industry was still experiencing a shortage of more than 500,000 skilled workers in the recent winter months. In the current climate, you may find yourself facing a short staff as your project workload increases during the busiest time of the year. With some preparation, though, you can tackle the challenges and keep all of your work on schedule. 

Factors Impacting the Upcoming Construction Season

Your company may work on new residential construction projects, commercial buildings, infrastructure, or a myriad of other projects. Regardless of your primary sector, your business is likely subject to the following trends impacting the industry as a whole. 

Changing Climate

The climate is changing, and areas all over the country are seeing more extreme weather events, including tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, heavy winds, wildfires, and more. Each of these events can impact construction projects. 

Your team may not be able to work on a project when there is flooding in the area, or a whole jobsite could be wiped out by a flood, tornado, or wildfire. On the flip side, your construction company may be asked to assist in repairing structures that are damaged by natural disasters. 

With average temperatures increasing and more areas experiencing extreme heat in the summer, construction crews are having to change their work hours to keep employees out of danger. The climate is impacting the industry in other ways as well. As weather becomes more unpredictable, construction teams are using materials that are lighter and more durable. Projects are also increasingly requiring green building materials, which are often more expensive/challenging to source.

Some of these projects also require different skills. You may find yourself looking for technicians who can correctly install solar panels to generate the most electricity from the sun. Or you might find yourself working on wind turbines and other alternative energy projects more frequently.

When you have to spend more time finding materials or to training your team, you may find yourself looking to optimize the rest of your budget in various ways.

Uncertain Economic Times

Although the construction industry seems poised to have a good year in 2023, looming economic concerns remain. More than half of economists expect a recession this year. Additionally, multiple banks have folded this year, which is further driving economic fears. 

Your company is probably dealing with inflation and rising costs, and while the construction industry itself may not be cutting projects, even if the economy stabilizes, your business could be impacted by slower economic growth. Clients may still attempt to negotiate prices down.  

Increasing Government Investments in Construction Projects

Not all factors impacting the upcoming construction season are grim. As governments at all levels look to replace their aging infrastructure, they’re investing heavily in construction. In 2022, government construction spending was up by 10.8% over the previous year. 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has boosted commercial construction projects across the country, offering $110 billion to repair roads, bridges, and highways. In total, this bill offers $550 billion through 2026, also funding mass transit projects, water infrastructure, and broadband connectivity. 

Multiple states have increased their own funding for these construction projects in 2023. Some have even increased their spending by more than $500 million. If your company works with government contracts, you might find yourself with a surplus of work in the upcoming years without the construction staff to tackle it. 

Continued Labor Shortage

Construction projects are ramping up, particularly as spring and summer loom, but there is still a lack of skilled workers to fill these jobs. Earlier this year, the construction industry had a 500,000-plus gap between the number of jobs that were available and the number of skilled workers who could fill them. 

As the pandemic impacted all facets of life in 2020, the number of people applying for construction jobs decreased by about 40%. While the industry itself is on the rebound, many workers don’t seem to be showing interest in returning. 

The pandemic is not solely responsible for the shortage of construction workers, though. Many current workers are over the age of 55, with young people lacking interest in entering the trades. Industry professionals and recruiters are working hard to introduce these roles to young people and generate enthusiasm. 

In 2021, Associated Builders and Contractors invested more than $1 billion in training programs to recruit young people into the field. If any of these trends impact your business this season, consider working with construction staffing services to fill the gap. 

Ace This Construction Season With Tradesmen International

You might think construction staffing challenges will impede your ability to work quickly and efficiently this year. This is why you should turn to Tradesmen International. Our construction staffing experts are experienced in the industry and know what to look for to help staff your team. 

Tradesmen International has a network of pre-vetted skilled workers who are ready to work. Each member of our team is a permanent Tradesmen employee who has passed our rigorous screening process, offering you the same quality and experience you would expect from your own full-time team. 

Whether you’re looking for someone to fill a gap for a specific construction project or you need skilled craftspeople for the whole construction season, we have the workers to meet your needs. All our craftspeople come to your job ready to work and complete projects on time. 

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