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Anyone in the construction industry knows that most construction and manufacturing projects will require many different skill sets working in sync. One of the biggest challenges for anyone working in the construction industry is the process of finding the skilled labor needed to fill the diverse roles that a particular construction project may require.

If you work as a construction project manager, foreman, or superintendent, you likely already know how difficult it can be to fill the niche roles that your construction or manufacturing projects need. Read on to learn about some of the main hurdles in diverse construction staffing and how Tradesmen International can help you find the best niche skilled labor in 2023.

Construction Trades Staffing: Niche Talent Challenges

No matter what the project, staffing in the construction, manufacturing, and other related industries usually involves rigorous searches for workers skilled in highly specific fields. After all, “skilled labor” usually means specialized labor, and with construction projects becoming more high-tech, the demand for skilled labor specializations in niche fields only grows.

Fewer Professionals

One of the biggest issues facing construction business as a whole in 2023 is the ongoing shortage of skilled professionals to fill the necessary specialized roles in any new project. According to a recent study by Associated Builders and Contractors, the construction industry will need to add around 650,000 more workers in 2023 to meet the current demand for skilled labor.

This shortage particularly applies to skilled niche positions that you will likely need for new construction projects, such as welders, HVAC technicians, and journeyed millwrights. Part of this staffing shortage is an ongoing aftereffect of the COVID-19 pandemic, but even before the pandemic hit, construction managers were seeing more skilled workers leaving the construction field than coming into it.

Thus, as the world moves on from the pandemic, the shortage of skilled labor in specialized positions will continue to affect the construction and manufacturing industries.

Low Availability

This shortage in skilled labor has the secondary effect of creating a state of low availability for the professionals skilled in specialized fields who are on the market. With fewer workers to fill more niche positions, these workers are unlikely to be available for new work or are at least booked too far in advance to take on new projects on short notice.

Staffing for Niche Talent and Specific Industry

With the shortage of skilled labor, and the low availability of professionals who are on the market, one solution is to use a staffing service with particular expertise in providing skilled labor in niche specializations.

The best niche construction staffing experts in 2023 will not only be able to fill the diverse, specialized areas that most contemporary construction and manufacturing projects require but can also recruit new talent in areas where skilled labor is becoming less and less available.


One of the main benefits that a diverse construction staffing partner can bring to your project is a flexible workforce approach. Here, you will run your project with a core contingent of your own professional employees to perform the majority of the jobs in the project. Then, you will supplement your full-time employees with skilled staffers working on specialized, niche fields within your project.

By supplementing your own skilled labor with experienced professionals in niche areas, you can complete your project on time and within your budget while mitigating the effects of the construction staffing shortage.

Powerhouse Recruiting System

Another benefit of using a professional construction trade staffing service is that you can take advantage of a seasoned partner with specific experience in finding the best-specialized workers for the diverse roles you need to fill.

Construction staffing services that specialize in filling niche or specialized roles must be able to find and onboard professionals who can fulfill the complex needs of any construction or manufacturing project.

Specialized staffing services work with you to supplement a core workforce of employees. When you work with a staffing service that has a powerhouse recruiting system, you can save time and money that you would otherwise expend trying to locate scarce talent on your own.

Niche Construction Trades Staffing with Tradesmen International

When using a staffing service to fill your niche staffing needs, it’s important that you find the most reliable and professional staffing partners. Tradesmen International is the industry’s most reliable source for skilled labor, with a proven track record of providing certified, experienced, and reliable workers.

Having worked with commercial, residential, and heavy industrial construction companies (to name a few), we have a proven track record of reliable staffing for any niche field your construction project may need. So, if you would like to get out ahead of the current staffing shortage and find the best niche skilled labor for 2023, get in touch with Tradesmen International today.

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