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A Dedicated Tradesmen Employee Since 2012

Jim Ming, who works out of our Tacoma staffing office, is considered one of our best journeymen plumbers not only because of the quality of work he performs on a daily basis, but because of the genuine love he has for his trade. A submarine pipefitter for 21 years, Jim later went into the plumbing trade, feeling it was natural progression in his career.

His amazing sense of humor endears him to clients, who have come to treat him as if he was one of their own employees. According to them, he’s “one of those guys you can get along with on and off the jobsite.”

A skilled plumber, Jim (known as “Old Man Jim” to his friends) has advocated for Tradesmen International often by sending good workers our way and places strong emphasis on talking about safety to all workers around him. Jim says it’s the variety of work and good people that make him proud to be part of the Tradesmen family. He appreciates that we stand behind him on all levels when it comes to work and our clients.

Congratulations on your showcase, Jim. We’re proud to have you as our employee!

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