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Whether you’re an experienced craftsman or new to the construction business, getting your next project is always on your mind. Here are some tips for landing your next job:

Crafting the Construction Resume

Building up your credentials is key to landing yourself on a construction site. No matter what jobs you’ve had in the past, think of how that experience benefits you today. Each job opportunity taught you something, and your resume is where you present all those attributes. Highlight your skill set and showcase previous employment strengths. Maybe you feel like your previous experience isn’t marketable. Did you work behind the counter at a fast food restaurant? You learned customer service skills, multitasking, abiding to safety regulations and keeping the job site clean.

Construction Qualifications

Are you a novice in the field? There are ways to enhance your qualifications for your resume. Post-secondary education is a great way to get your feet wet. You’ll be able to learn about different occupations and see which one works best for you. Another suggestion is to look for apprentice opportunities. Being an apprentice gives you exposure to a construction site and firsthand experience that you can put on your resume. Want to get started right away? No worries. Just look up entry level positions to try to get an opportunity that way.

Time of Year

Knowing what time of year to begin your job search can help you get situated. For geographic locations with seasons, think about the spring, summer and fall as good months for employment. Winter snow is not ideal for the construction site and employment opportunities may be lacking. Take up searching in early spring for a wide range of opportunities.

Keyword Specific

When searching for jobs online, getting specific with your attributes yields the best results. For instance, if you are a plumber, don’t just search by “construction job.” You have a particular skill set and you want to get a job with this in mind. So get started on the right foot by searching for the jobs you’re qualified to do.

The Job Interview

The interview can be one of the most stressful parts of job hunting. Your resume’s goal was to get you in the door. Your interview’s job is to get you the job, which is why it can feel overwhelming. Remember to be true to who you are and don’t be afraid to talk about your qualifications. Your future employer is figuring out if you’re a good fit, so it’s best to be open and honest about your experience and your goals.

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