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A trusted energy staffing agency is just what you need to get the right skilled workers on site. An average of 73% of agency workers are employed full-time and enjoy the benefits of full time work. This makes agency staffed workers dedicated, reliable, and often highly experienced. 

So, whether you need a skilled worker to fill in gaps on your team for a short time or are looking for a more long-term employee, this is the place to start.  

Importance of Quality Energy Staffing

An agency plays a crucial role in ensuring that organizations are able to efficiently fill their job vacancies with highly qualified candidates who are dedicated to their roles. A good energy staffing agency has the right tools to help you:

  • Sustain a profitable work-to-skilled-worker ratio: These agencies have a deep understanding of the industry and possess the necessary knowledge and experience to assess the specific workforce requirements of an organization.
  • Meet your clients’ expectations for quality: An agency should thoroughly screen and vet candidates to ensure they possess the necessary qualifications, experience, and technical skills required to meet the clients’ expectations. This helps organizations maintain high standards of quality in their operations.
  • Hit deadlines on time, every time: These agencies understand the urgency and time sensitivity of energy projects and have the ability to source and place qualified professionals promptly. They leverage extensive databases of candidates and a vast network of contacts used to identify top talent.
  • Minimize overtime expenses: Excessive overtime is costly and results in worker fatigue, decreased productivity, and potential burnout. A quality staffing agency can provide the right professionals with the required skills, reducing the reliance on overtime and ultimately saving costs for the organization.

The right staffing agency will be able to assist with long-term staffing goals as well as emergency staffing needs. How do you find that agency, though? You have to look for the signs of quality service. 

5 Signs of a Top Energy Staffing Agency

There are plenty of ways to tell if an energy staffing agency is the right agency to work with. From taking a look at their case studies to searching for testimonials, here are signs that an agency is at the top of its class. 

Case Studies 

One of the first things to look for in a top staffing agency is a number of case studies showing how they’ve helped other energy organizations succeed. Look for case studies showcasing how much funding a business saved by outsourcing or unique problems that the agency helped solve. These case examples should be easily accessible and well-documented. 

Positive Testimonials 

You shouldn’t overlook the power of positive testimonials. When you find both organizations and skilled workers giving praise to a staffing agency, then you know you’ve found the right one to work with. You always want to work with a team that not only understands your business’s needs but that also takes the workers’ health, safety, and employment needs seriously. 

Thorough Vetting Process 

A thorough vetting process is essential for making sure the skilled workers sent to your company hold the right licenses and credentials. Good vetting also guarantees that there aren’t problems in a worker’s past that could make them unqualified for your open roles. 

Excellent Crisis Services 

Sometimes, you need workers immediately. When you work with a staffing agency, the hope is that they can get you the workers you need as soon as possible. On top of that, if a worker doesn’t work out for you for any reason, you want to get them replaced by another skilled worker as soon as possible. 

Can the agency handle this kind of quick turnaround? If not, then it may be wise to choose a different agency. 

Comprehensive Experience

Finally, make sure to work with an agency that has experience in your industry, including non-renewable and renewable energy industries. Good experience in the energy sector means that the agency understands the kind of work employees and workers have to do on the job. The right energy staffing professionals working to fill your open positions will make your entire operation run smoother.

Red Flags to Look Out for 

While there are many positive signs of quality staffing agencies to look for, you also have to watch out for these red flags. If you see these, it’s a good idea to set aside the idea of working with that particular agency and turn to one with proven results.

Poor Communication

One way to know that an agency isn’t the right one for you is if it doesn’t have good communication methods. It’s important for agencies to communicate well so that they get a better understanding of who you are and what your organization needs. They should be open to feedback about the skilled workers they’ve sent and offer clear insight into expected timelines for needed support. 

Limited Reach

Look out for agencies that don’t have a wide reach or large group of workers to choose from. You need to know that the pool of workers is large enough to find qualified talent — only top agencies that cast a wide net have those people prepared to take on work with companies like yours. 

Tradesmen International: The Top Energy Staffing Agency

At Tradesmen International, our energy staffing experts pair your organization with the top-energy industry workers in your field. Take advantage of our resources and find the right energy worker for your job. 

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