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The construction industry was valued at over $1.5 trillion in 2021, and it is expected to continue growing. As your team grows and continues being awarded commercial construction projects, you may experience a need for more roofers. If you’re looking for local commercial roofers to round out your team, here are some tips you can use to secure the best talent in your area. 

The Challenges to Finding Local Commercial Roofers

Not every experienced roofer has the skills needed to tackle commercial projects. As a contractor, you need to access people who can navigate engineering challenges and other issues that accompany commercial construction projects. On top of that, you’re likely experiencing the labor shortage that is prevalent in the industry. 

Commercial roofs often feature different slopes than residential projects, meaning your team needs to know how to construct them for proper drainage and maintenance. If you’re hiring local roofers without the background to deal with these issues, you could end up having to come in and fix a project once it’s complete. But you can find the best commercial roofers for your team by partnering with reputable commercial roofer staffing businesses.

Signs to Look for in Commercial Roofers

When you’re looking for local commercial roofers, watch out for these traits that will show you if they’re a good fit for your team. First, make sure that they are dedicated to safety protocol. Ensure they know how to do basics like proper tie-offs to safely access the roof.

Check with a potential roofer to see if they consistently utilize personal protective equipment and know about standard roof fall protection systems. Next, assess their experience. If they haven’t worked on many commercial projects, they may need to spend more time in the field before you ask them to join your team. 

Finally, look for someone reliable. You don’t want your team to be stranded on a job site while they’re waiting for a roofer who didn’t show. 

Use a Staffing Company to Find Local Commercial Roofers

If you’re not interested in posting a job, comparing resumes, and vetting a group of potential roofers, consider partnering with Tradesmen International®. Tradesmen International® offers a responsive, helpful team of staffing resources to help you find local commercial roofers who can support your own full-time workforce. Depending on the size of your business or your geographic reach, they can also contract out their travel-dedicated commercial workers, mobilizing them wherever you do work across North America. 

Expansive Network of Commercial Roofers

We can connect you to a vast network of skilled workers, including commercial roofers, with the experience you need to satisfy your clients. We have an expansive team of recruiters who can work with you to supply vetted, skilled commercial roofers in your area. Remember, while Tradesmen’s commercial roofers are employed by them, you can utilize them for as long as you need them. Tradesmen International has roofer staffing expertise and can supply pre-vetted workers to you on a precisely-as-needed basis.

We have nearly 200 local market service teams across the United States, and our network of skilled workers includes people in every state. 

Innovative Roofer Staffing Strategies to Optimize Talent

Whether you’re looking to round out your team during a busy period or want to find workers for various projects year-round, Tradesmen International® has solutions for you. We offer CORE+Flex strategies, which involve keeping your core team and supplementing with job-ready skilled workers when you need them. 

This approach helps improve your workforce productivity and your bottom line. You don’t have to pay additional benefits for new employees or large sums of overtime for your core team. And you don’t have to rely on inexperienced workers because you’re in a pinch. Tradesmen’s electrician staffing service acts as an extension of your internal recruiting efforts.

Safety-Minded Commercial Roofers

Our team is committed to safety. We have a director of safety communications who works with all our vetted, skilled workers. Each worker on our roster has access to a 10-hour OSHA training that lets them stay on top of new safety practices and skills they need to stay in compliance with regulations. 

Each of our skilled craftspeople comes to the job with a knowledge of safety standards and practices. When you’re looking for people to enhance your team, you should be able to trust them to keep their safety in mind. 

At Tradesmen International®, all our vetted local commercial roofers are experienced in the industry. They know how to stay safe and minimize risk on each job site, so you don’t have to worry about your core team. 

Source Local Commercial Roofers with Tradesmen International®

Don’t spend your time interviewing and vetting commercial roofers in your area. Leave it to Tradesmen International®, take advantage of their three decades of roofer staffing experience. We can connect you with an experienced local recruiting team to access contingent commercial roofers in your area who have the experience you need to serve your clients. 

Or we can work with you to assess your needs and develop strategies to help you maximize your workforce, including accessing local commercial roofers when you need them. Learn more about our roofer staffing solutions by contacting us today

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