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Tell us how many skilled workers you need and what trade

Skilled labor staffing agencies are indispensable assets in today’s landscape. Ongoing labor shortages, unpredictable demand, and the routine issues of seasonal and project-based staffing are all challenges that the right partner can help your organization overcome. 

However, you need to know what to look for in that partner. We’ll go over seven key questions you should ask any staffing agency.

7 Vital Interviewing Questions to Ask Skilled Labor Staffing Agencies

When you’re looking through skilled labor staffing agencies to meet your company’s staffing labor needs, be sure to ask these important questions to make sure that they can meet your skilled labor expectations.

Describe your requirements for your employee’s past Manufacturing/Industrial experience.

The starting point for filling skilled labor positions is experience. You need to know that the workers your staffing agency provides have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to get the job done. Lay out your expectations clearly in terms of specific qualifications.

The right agency will be able to draw from a wide pool of skilled workers to meet your specific needs. Journey-level tradespeople, semi-skilled specializations, and other levels of experience and certification should all be available to build teams for any project.

How do you source workers for job sites in less populous areas?

In many cases, organizations turn to staffing agencies because their area doesn’t have qualified workers with the specific skill sets they need. A staffing agency can help resolve this problem, but you should ask how they deal with the situation.

You want to be sure that they aren’t compromising on standards. Some agencies will fill positions with anyone they can find, which can leave you with subpar employees. One solution that good staffing agencies use is having their team comprised of full-time agency employees and having them work in broader territories.

Describe your worker vetting process.

Vetting is one of the key roles of a skilled trades staffing agency. They handle it so that you don’t have to, but you still need to be sure that they’ve done their due diligence. Inquire about their vetting process to ensure that you get quality skilled trade workers.

An effective vetting process should incorporate a few key steps. Setting a standard level of experience and verifying that through multiple work references is essential. However, you also want an agency that incorporates one-on-one interviews and skill testing to meet the highest skilled labor standards.

Can you connect our foundries with the needed niche skilled workers?

Your organization may need to fill unique skilled trades jobs, and you need to know that your staffing agency can provide them. Ask about some of the specific niches you need to avoid any difficulties later on.

Top-skilled labor staffing agencies maintain expansive pools of workers to ensure that any role can be filled. You can find a comprehensive range of industry-specific capabilities in manufacturing and other industries with the right staffing agency.

How fast can you place workers on short notice?

One of the top reasons organizations turn to staffing agencies is to react to changes in demand or other unforeseen events. You need to be able to scale rapidly and be sure that your staffing agency can help you meet your timeline.

Ask about the specific solutions they offer for different timelines. Routine labor partnering can require several days or up to a few weeks of lead time, depending on the particular team you need. Immediate skilled labor fulfillment can often provide skilled tradespeople in 24 hours or less.

How does your agency ensure your workers are safety-minded?

When you work with a staffing agency, you need to know that their best talent meets your industry’s safety standards. The right skilled labor staffing agency will commit significant resources to safety. They’ll have an internal safety department that oversees a safety program for all workers. That program should include providing Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training for all workers.

Does your agency offer services other than standard manufacturing/industrial staffing?

Filling roles with qualified tradespeople is the primary service that you need from your staffing agency, but they may also provide other valuable services. As experts in manufacturing and industrial staffing, they can offer consultations to develop long-term staffing solutions, legal advice and support concerning labor, and OSHA training.

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