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Tradesmen International supports the manpower needs of top contractors all across the continent. Together, we work on a diverse range of projects, from solar fields to national monuments, Naval projects, theme parks, sports complexes, hospitals, power plants, airports and more. Our skilled craftworkers are proud to leave their mark on America working some of the country’s most notable projects.  Here are some of our favorite that Tradesmen skilled trades worked on along with our contractor clients:

Volcano Bay, Universal Studios, Orlando Florida

Volcano Bay, Universal Studio’s newest water theme park, opened May 25, 2017. Tradesmen International’s Orlando office provided carpenters, tile setters, equipment operators and welders who worked on the 18 park attractions. Volcano Bay has created more than 1,700 jobs for local residents and is a spectacular destination built by some of America’s best craftworkers.

U.S. Navy Littoral Combat Ships, Mobile, Alabama

Tradesmen’s Marine Division partnered with one of the nation’s leading shipbuilders to work on the construction of Littoral Combat Ships, including the USS Jackson, USS Mobile, USS Montgomery and others. The Littoral Combat Ships are 418 foot assault ships for the U.S. Navy and Marines, and are among the world’s most advanced high-speed crafts. Tradesmen supported all phases of new construction, providing skilled craftworkers such as pipe welders, pipefitters, electricians, insulators, machinists, painters and blasters.

Tesla Electric Car Plant, Fremont, California

The Tesla factory in Fremont, California, is one of the world’s most advanced automotive plants, with 5.3 million square feet of office and manufacturing space. Currently, Tesla is working on plans to expand the facility to 10 million square feet, creating thousands of new jobs in the years to come. Tradesmen supported the project by providing proven pipe welders and pipefitters.

Santa Isabel Wind Farm, Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico

The Santa Isabel Wind Farm is part of a large-scale clean energy initiative in Puerto Rico, supplying power to 25,000 homes. To help support all phases of the project, Tradesmen provided a total of 128 different trades, including concrete, foundation and tower installation techs. Tradesmen employees worked on civil preparation of the site, installation of tower foundations, and new construction and installation of wind towers and turbines. The project took 18 months from start to finish and involved approximately 87,153 contract man-hours. Our exceptional safety record on this project was just one of the many achievements realized

Solar Power Projects, North Carolina and Colorado

Solar energy continues to be one of the fastest-growing construction markets, and Tradesmen supports that market by providing proven solar-experienced craftworkers, including electricians, equipment operators, turbine techs, millwrights, sheet metal builders and more. Tradesmen’s crews have experience working on a wide range of solar projects, such as a 24.66 MW project in North Carolina and a 156 MW project in Colorado.

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