A Few of Our Favorite Construction Projects in Oklahoma City

As leaders in construction staffing in Oklahoma, Tradesmen is proud of the work that our craftsmen have accomplished. From the towering Devon Energy Center to Mustang High School, Tradesmen Craftsmen have helped Oklahoma City grow. 

So, which projects have our local staffing agency contributed to around Oklahoma City? Here are some of our favorites:

Riversport Adventures Complex

Completed in 2016, 18 Tradesmen international skilled concrete laborers and form carpenters had a hand in helping this outdoor adventure become a reality.

Devon Energy Center

With construction completed in 2012 and standing 50 stories high, the Devon Energy Center is the 45th tallest building in the United States – thanks, in part, to the hardwork from Tradesmen craftsmen. 

Oklahoma Memorial Stadium

Also called The Palace or the Prairie, Oklahoma Memorial Stadium is the on-campus football facility on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma.

Mustang High School

New construction and additions to Mustang High School has helped the school expand to meet its ever-growing student body of more than 3,000.

The Ranch

Both Tradesmen Tulsa Craftsmen and Oklahoma City Craftsmen teamed up with the plumbing contractor to provide over 30 skilled plumbers for this multifamily retirement complex located in Stillwater, OK.  

Riverwind Hotel and Casino

Located in Norman, Oklahoma, the Riverwind Hotel and Casino is a premier entertainment venue, hosting a wide range of games, theater events and restaurants.

A Local Oklahoma City Construction Staffing Agency

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