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With the COVID-19 pandemic came a massive reshuffling of labor resources across many industries over the past several years, and the construction sector is not excluded. Although the U.S. economy has largely rebounded from labor shortages caused by the great resignation and diminished consumer demand, business leaders in the construction industry continue to struggle with finding enough workers to fill key positions. 

To overcome these construction staffing shortfalls, contractors today should consider alternatives to traditional recruitment practices that can speed up hiring processes and ultimately help to retain more skilled workers. The right construction labor staffing agency can fill any construction project with ease. Read on to learn more about the construction labor staffing difficulties facing contractors today and how Tradesmen International can help solve the problem.

The State of Construction Labor Staffing

While the number of unfilled construction jobs has presented some obstacles to contractors in recent years, there are signs that things are recovering. One promising indicator is the fact that some 7.6 million construction workers are currently employed in the industry, marking a return to pre-pandemic staffing levels.

In addition, the construction confidence index shows that contractors have optimistic expectations regarding demand heading into 2023, and many will likely seek to increase recruitment in the coming months to accommodate this projected growth.

Sourcing Construction Labor Staffing in 2023

To help construction companies meet staffing goals, many have turned to sourcing labor from a professional construction staffing agency with the resources needed to quickly supply skilled workers. 

There are numerous advantages to sourcing construction labor staffing in this way, including faster hire rates, lower turnover, and potential savings on onboarding costs or overtime. If you need to fill key positions fast, sourcing a construction staffing partner may be the answer.

Work With Tradesmen International

At Tradesmen International, we provide construction contractors and companies with comprehensive staffing solutions to help them grow in today’s competitive labor market. We’ll take care of screening candidates and selecting only the most qualified individuals to fill critical roles at job sites so you can focus on managing your business and pushing toward the next project. Here are some of the ways Tradesmen International can simplify and streamline your labor staffing pipeline.

Manage Onboarding Fees

One of the issues with recruiting new workers is the often high costs associated with onboarding employees before they arrive on-site. However, Tradesmen International ensures all workers are fully prepared to get to work full-time the moment they’re hired. Instead of having to worry about all the costs associated with interviewing, training, or administration, Tradesmen International will contract out skilled workers to you as needed, making onboarding a fast and straightforward process.

Increase Workforce Productivity

In the construction business, open job positions translate directly to longer project timelines or even costly interruptions to daily operations. By relying on the best staffing agencies for your needs, you can rest assured projects proceed on schedule and that there are always enough safety minded personnel to meet demand. 

With all your labor needs met, the overall productivity of your workforce will increase while simultaneously minimizing expensive job site stoppages or disruptions.

Limit Overtime Expense

When there aren’t enough employees to manage workloads, construction crews often need to work extra hours to compensate. Given time, the costs of overtime can present construction companies with significant financial burdens that aren’t always sustainable. 

By using a reputable construction labor staffing company to fill open positions, you can minimize or potentially eliminate overtime altogether, saving you more money to put toward new equipment, payroll raises, or hiring additional full-time workers.

Minimize Workers’ Comp Exposure

When hiring workers internally, construction companies are responsible for any incidents that could result in a workers’ compensation claim. To avoid these situations, it’s important to find the right construction staffing experts who can minimize exposure to risks caused by unsafe work practices or failures to observe safety protocols. 

That’s why Tradesmen International covers its employees under our Workers’ Compensation, reducing premium costs needed for full-time workers and costs associated with claims.

Mitigate Any Skilled Labor Shortage With Tradesmen

It’s no question that the ongoing labor shortage in construction continues to cause some concern among industry leaders. According to a report released by Associated Builders and Contractors in November 2022, 4.6% of construction jobs remain open, representing the highest rate since this data tracking began 23 years ago. 

However, with the support of Tradesmen International’s massive database of field-proven craft professionals covering all trades at all skill levels, you can mitigate issues caused by ongoing labor shortages and maintain the staff your construction company needs to keep operations moving smoothly. Our recruiting power is unmatched and our travel program allows us to meet all your needs. 

To learn more about how Tradesmen International can address your construction labor shortfalls, contact us today.

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