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Finding qualified craftworkers to meet an ever-changing workload is one of the biggest challenges facing contractors — especially given today’s skilled labor shortage.

Construction labor shortages began in 2012 and have only increased in recent years. Although the construction industry is spending more on new projects, employment for these projects has failed to keep up with demand. In fact, a study by Conference Board ranked construction workers ninth in its labor shortages index, with the construction industry facing a higher risk of labor shortage than 91.4% of all other industries included in the study.1

 One reason for this shortage is the skills gap. Contractors demand job-ready craftworkers who can hit the ground running, but many prospective employees require education and training to get to that point. In other words, there just aren’t enough qualified craftworkers to meet the demand. On top of that, the number of new entrants in the industry has been on the decline.

This shortage is only expected to get worse. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13% growth in the construction industry from 2016–2024, resulting in roughly 183,400 new jobs.2 Assuming a 20% replacement rate for baby boomers, the total demand in the next decade is approximately 457,380 additional professionals in the construction trades.1

Tradesmen International offers a solution that allows contractors to scale their workforce even during a labor shortage. How? By providing clients the right number of craftworkers at the correct skill level on an as-needed basis.

Each of our proven craftworkers must first complete a highly comprehensive screening process administered by our local recruitment specialists and through our National Recruiting Center. We maintain active partnerships with hundreds of contractors in our markets to keep our client work order pipelines full. This allows us to provide our skilled craftworkers with stable work, benefits, solid wages and rewarding growth opportunities.

Contractors’ onboarding costs for new employees can reach well into the hundreds with advertising, interviews, payroll processing, drug testing, orientation, safety training and benefits. But by tapping into Tradesmen’s job-ready workforce, you can avoid these costs and scale your workforce to meet fluctuating demand.

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