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The construction industry is still feeling the crunch of worker shortages, only growing by 1.1% between 2018 and 2023. Despite this shortage, construction clients still expect construction teams to finish projects on time and within budget. Working with temporary construction staffing agencies can offer many benefits to your construction business, allowing you to be more agile and responsive to client needs.

The Typical Temporary Construction Staffing Agencies 

If you’re hesitant to work with temporary construction staffing agencies to round out your construction workforce, you’re not alone. Temporary construction labor companies are often poorly run and don’t allow you to manage an effective team. Some companies may experience high turnover, leaving you wondering whether your workers will show up and complete the job. 

Other construction staffing services may not have the resources and processes in place, or the high level of commitment to hiring skilled construction workers, meaning your team will have to spend time training temporary workers. 

The Tradesmen Difference

Tradesmen International offers construction and industrial staffing solutions and job-ready craftspeople to round out your team. Our database of skilled workers offers people at all levels, from apprentices to master craftspeople. Our construction staffing recruiters and project coordinators thoroughly vet our workers. So they will arrive at your job site ready to tackle their assignments. Tradesmen has expertise in these areas of construction:

We are also committed to safety. Each of our skilled workers is not only offered OSHA safety training, but we constantly communicate safety education tips whether at our safety cookouts, our jobsite walkouts or while presenting safety tool-box talks to all workers on our client jobsites. They will show up at the site ready to put safety and professionalism first. 

They won’t put your workers in jeopardy due to improper training. We can help you build teams for bigger projects without having to take on costs for full-time employees. Here are some other advantages to partnering with us. 

We use more than 250 construction-specific recruiters with the skills and experience needed to help you fill out your team. We can work with you to create long-term staffing plans or provide you with the workers you need in a pinch. 

Avoid Revenue Loss

Using contingent (or variable/contract) skilled workers on your projects helps you complete them on time without taking on the added costs of a full-time employee. You can focus on your core team instead of spending time recruiting and hiring workers for each project. 

Workers’ Comp

Tradesmen International covers workers’ compensation insurance for each of our skilled workers. You will not be responsible for covering this cost for a part-time labor force, but you will still remain in compliance with local regulations. You can keep a lower full-time employee count to reduce your overall workers’ compensation liability. 

Each worker we send to your job site is covered, minimizing your risk while allowing you to work with a complete team. Additionally, they are dedicated to safety. With this commitment, each worker will do their best to help minimize risky behavior on the job site. 


Construction is a high-turnover industry, and you may find yourself having to lay off workers during down times. With Tradesmen International, you can bring on short-term, skilled workers to supplement your team when you need them and save money you would otherwise pay for unemployment insurance and claims. Keep your permanent employee count low and avoid paying high rates for unemployment. Avoid paying claims by filling in the gaps in your team during the busy season. 

Improve Environment

When your team has to work overtime to cover a worker shortage, it can impact their morale. However, using a poorly-run temporary construction staffing agency to fill in the gaps in your team can also lower morale because your staff has to spend time training and potentially working with unreliable team members. Tradesmen International employees are tenured craft professionals that will actually help you improve your working environment.

Workforce Productivity

Our construction staffing professionals at Tradesmen International can help you ensure that each job has the optimal amount of workers. We can send experienced workers in your area whose skills match your team’s needs and abilities. That is, they won’t have to spend time training new team members. Having the right team members on the job lets everyone stay productive, helping you complete your projects on time and within budget. 

Trusted Workers

At Tradesmen International, we vet workers for you. During our recruiting and hiring process, we conduct video or in-person interviews, conducting stringent background checks and reference checks at your request. Our team will verify credentials and conduct skills training upfront. We offer a talent pool of over 1 million skilled craftspeople across the country to provide you with the best local talent when required. 

Save Money and Maximize Your Team With Tradesmen International

If you need to supplement your full-time construction team for a project or a season, contact Tradesmen International. Our team will use our vast indu

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