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Across industries, employers are experiencing a talent shortage, and the construction industry is no exception. A recent analysis by Associated Builders and Contractors indicated that the industry would need more than 600,000 workers over its current hiring capacity to meet demands. Your company may already be experiencing a skilled labor shortage. If not, you’re likely to experience it in the near future. Proper preparation can help the industry navigate the shortage without sacrificing the commitment to the clients. 

The Realities of the Skilled Labor Shortage

The skilled labor shortage in construction is impacting all areas, from HVAC technicians to electrical workers. Some of the factors contributing to the shortage include pandemic-related issues and an uptick in workers leaving the field without new professionals coming in to replace them. 

The skilled labor workforce is aging, and young professionals aren’t as interested in the industry. These shortages can lead to project delays and strains on insurance and other resources. Fortunately, you can mitigate some of the damage caused by the labor shortage. 

Tips for Working Around the Labor Shortage

Whether you’ve already had to deal with the labor shortage or you just want to be prepared, use these tips to navigate the modern industry challenges. 

Partner With a Progressive Construction Staffing Solutions Provider

Staffing solutions are a great way to fill in the gaps your team may be experiencing due to the labor shortage, but you should be selective. Work with a progressive agency like Tradesmen International. We can connect you with a talent pool of skilled workers who are vetted, experienced, and committed to high-quality work and safety. 

Our team vets each worker in a variety of industries, from construction to manufacturing. This detailed screening process gives you access to the skilled workers you need for your project. But there are many other reasons you should consider Tradesmen International to help navigate the skilled labor shortage. 

Safety as a Priority

We are committed to safety. Safety issues are often one of the biggest costs a construction  business faces. Even a team with an excellent safety record still finds itself paying for costly insurance. If someone suffers an injury on the job, insurance and other costs can skyrocket, blowing your budget apart. 

Tradesmen International is committed to safety in the field. We have a director of safety communications overseeing training programs and other resources that make job sites safer. 

We offer 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training and other resources to all of our skilled workers, and each worker comes to your jobsite with their own personal protective equipment. Partnering with us helps give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing a skilled worker won’t compromise the safety of your team. 

CORE+Flex Strategy

Our staffing agency leaders are experienced in construction, providing solutions for companies like yours. We offer flexible workforce strategies you can use to improve your capacity and tackle more projects during high-volume periods. 

Our CORE+Flex labor staffing strategy helps you balance your work-to-worker ratio, saving you time and money while increasing your capacity. Using this strategy, you can rely on your core team while pulling in contingent skilled workers from our talent pool when you need additional assistance. 

We partner with talented craftspeople who are dedicated to quality. They are ready to step into the job whenever you need them. Tradesmen International has partnered with a variety of clients to help create a CORE+Flex staffing strategy that consistently increases workforce productivity and that improves profit margins while reducing labor costs. 

If you’re suffering from a labor shortage, we can work with you to devise a CORE+Flex staffing strategy that works for your business. Our team assesses your needs to help you determine what you need to balance your core team.

The CORE+Flex workforce staffing strategy not only helps you round out a lean team but also helps you reduce your costs and risk exposure. You can keep your best team members in place and rely on Tradesmen International’s talent pool to meet customers’ demands. You don’t have to rely on unskilled workers just to fill spots on your team. 

Skip the Shortage With Tradesmen International

The skilled labor shortage will likely impact our industry for a long time, and you will likely have to deal with it at some point if you haven’t already. Rather than opting for a reactive strategy that puts your team behind, partner with Tradesmen International who can put together a construction staffing strategy specific to your business. 

You may be looking for skilled workers for a short-term project, or you might be interested in working with us to set up a CORE+Flex construction staffing strategy for the long haul. Whatever your needs may be, we are ready to assist you. Contact us today to learn more.

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