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and, Ohio— July 20, 2023 — Tradesmen International® has launched Tradesmen+Plus, a new rewards program for its craftworker employees. The program is designed to provide the company’s eligible craftworkers with the ability to accrue points based on time worked that can be redeemed for items within a catalog of 60,000 prizes, ranging from trips to tools, gift cards, electronics and more.

“Our employees deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and loyalty to the company,” said Channel Marketing Manager Chandler Cowley, who conceived of and administers the program. “Members of our contingent skilled labor force have choices as to where they work. We appreciate them choosing to build their careers with Tradesmen and want to reward them and their families.”

One craftworker employee commented, “I think the program is awesome and it is very considerate of the company to provide extra incentives for our hours logged.”

The new rewards program is yet another differentiator for Tradesmen International in the skilled trades staffing industry. For three decades, the company’s model of using a contingent construction labor force of superior quality to supplement a client’s core workforce has proven effective in enabling clients to improve productivity and contain costs.

For its craftworker employees, Tradesmen provides competitive wages and robust benefits packages, safety training, and great opportunities for steady work as well as the ability to train and increase their earnings.  Tradesmen’s relationships and recruiting engine of nearly 250 full-time recruiters nationally enables the company to provide craft employees with improved job stability. This is possible as, prior to the current project ending, the employee is already being marketed for their next assignment via a local team of project coordination and sales professionals.

“We are constantly hiring craftworkers who emphasize safety and who pride themselves on setting quality standards for the industry,” said Cowley. “All our employees share a dedication to professionalism, and we make every effort to reward each for the expertise they share.”

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