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Determining Who Takes Home the Prize from Workforce Week

With Workforce Week 2016 just around the corner, four finalists have been chosen for the annual Craft Professional of the Year award. With many in the industry wondering who will take home this top honor, we thought we would take a moment to outline how the CPOY is chosen.

In addition to ensuring applicants meet basic eligibility requirements, judges select finalists and, ultimately the Craft Professional of the Year, based on six criteria. Excellence in the six judging criteria represents a mastery of skills and commitment to serving as a guiding example for fellow and aspiring craft professionals.

CPOY Judging Criteria

  • Safety Performance: Safety is one of ABC’s top priorities, so the search for high emphasis in this area for nominees should be no surprise. This year’s CPOY recipient supports this cultural value through their own conduct on a daily basis and is current on national, state, local and company safety codes. Encouraging safe standards among their peers and within the company, the CPOY understands how to handle medical emergencies and is considered true safety asset on the jobsite.
  • Mastery of Skills: The CPOY recipient possess a demonstrated mastery of skills, while displaying the ability to complete jobs at a high level with minimal supervision and guidance. Using technology in the craft to deliver a better end result for the client, the CPOY understands complex situations and is able to strategically solve jobsite challenges.
  • Jobsite Performance and Productivity: The CPOY is a hard worker who drives company profitability through their own productivity. The CPOY possesses a constant desire to participate in and promote constant skills upgrades to stay current with construction trends and materials. With this knowledge, the CPOY also provides innovative solutions to keep projects on time and under budget.
  • Leadership Roles and Service to the Industry: Whoever earns this year’s CPOY award will be a community and industry leader. This person is judged on their dedication to their community through volunteerism and their industry through ABC membership and participation. Furthermore, the CPOY doesn’t just participate in these activities but is considered a positive role model and therefore promotes careers in the trades through their actions.
  • Success and Merit Shop Philosophy: The CPOY is motivated to win and demonstrates a commitment to delivering work safely, ethically and profitably for their company. Supporting the merit shop philosophy, the CPOY encourages others to follow in their footsteps.
  • Community Involvement: Striving to build a better community, the CPOY should demonstrate a well-rounded approach to work/life balance making time to help others where possible.

Choosing the Craft Professional of the Year

On March 4 at the Careers in Construction Awards ceremony which will cap off Workforce Week 2016, we will learn who has been chosen as the newest Craft Professional of the Year. Whoever wins this year’s prize, it’s clear that person will be a true inspiration and serve as a wonderful representative for the merit shop construction industry as a whole.

Read our blog post What is the Craft Professional of the Year Award? to learn more about the judging process, the incredible prize packages and what it means to be the CPOY.

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