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There are many reasons you may consider hiring skilled labor from a Manufacturing Staffing Agency for short-term and long-term manufacturing projects. You may have been awarded a big contract and need to increase your staff for a time, or you might need to fill a sudden vacancy for important tasks. Like most industrial and manufacturing companies, you’re likely experiencing skilled labor shortages which increases the time to complete projects, extending back-log time frames which doesn’t sit well with your customers. Additional skilled workers can help you improve production output as well as mitigate the revenue expenditure and stress that comes with shortages. 

Whatever your reason for expanding your team, using a manufacturing staffing or industrial staffing agency connects you to skilled workers who are right for your project. Not all agencies are the same, however. You need one you can trust to provide you with people who have the right skills, who share your dedication to quality, and who can jump into your project right when you need them. 

Tradesmen International has a vast network of skilled workers to help you staff up to meet production demand and get the job done. Here are some reasons to consider Tradesmen International for your manufacturing staffing needs.

Integrity and Follow Through

A manufacturing plant has no place for workers with a low standard of quality or lack of reliability. When Tradesmen International says we’ll get something done, consider it done. Our skilled workers will follow instructions to the letter, show up when they are scheduled, and complete jobs with dedication. 

We work with proven, verifiably skilled workers who provide needed support to meet your fluctuating workload. Tradesmen’s skilled workforce will be there for as long as needed to complete the project at optimal productivity levels. We engage only precise standards and accept nothing less than quality results. 

Our vast pool of skilled workers are selected for assignment based on the specs provided from our clients. This ensures they have the expertise to confidently jump into any job. Our team takes pride in their work, and we’re dedicated to quickly meeting your needs at any of your facilities.  

Skilled Employees When You Need Them

You want employees who can handle tasks as soon as they step on site. But staffing agencies can be obtuse about whether they’re vetting every employee. Tradesmen International has been working with skilled workers for many years, and we thoroughly vet every employee.  

We work with an extensive network of manufacturing and industrial workers with experience in a variety of specialties and experiences. We won’t staff your project with a team of workers who have to learn everything on the job. 

Again, we source through our massive database to ensure that the people we mobilize to your facility meet the specifications and the work experience you are looking for. Our industry expertise allows us to supply workers with no skills gap to supplement your current top talent workforce. Your employees won’t have to take time out of their schedules for extensive training or to fix costly mistakes caused by lack of experience. 

One Call Solution

With Tradesmen International, you don’t have to spend endless time calling various manufacturing staffing or industrial staffing agencies to find people with the background needed for your job. Call us one time, and we’ll get to work sourcing through our extensive local, regional and national employee databases. We send you our skilled workers whose skills and experience accurately complement your manufacturing process. 

We are dedicated to customer service. We know you’re likely experiencing the frustration that comes with skilled labor shortages. This is why we prioritize working with each client to assess your specific needs accurately. Our team gathers information on your project, current team, and timeline. We work to understand your exact workload to provide you with skilled workers, good people who are poised to help you get the job done right. 

You don’t have to struggle to find workers while your current production workers fall behind schedule and take on overtime. Working with our team ensures that you have the right size team for every task. You get more proven team members who are ready to work when you need them. 

Stellar Labor Containment Strategies

Having a strong agency with industrial staffing solutions in your corner helps your various manufacturing projects succeed and saves you time and money. You get the resources you need to avoid the stress that comes with an understaffed site. Tradesmen International can provide you with these resources, and we can also help you reduce costs in other ways. 

We also have labor support consulting services to help you increase your overall workforce productivity. Even if you don’t need to staff a project, you may want help assessing your hiring and labor costs. We can work with you to show you how to profitably use skilled contract labor utilizing our proprietary “CORE+Flex” Industrial Staffing model. Essentially we can help you – using your historical data – ascertain a logical core, full-time employee total. We would then work with you on a “just in time” basis to flex in supplemental skilled workers when the workload exceeds what your full-time employees can handle.  

Skilled contract labor helps you control costs, including reducing Workers’ Comp premium expenditures as Tradesmen employees are covered under our insurance. This obviously also mitigates costs associated with injuries or claims filed by full-time employees. We can work with you to help improve productivity within your manufacturing facilities and limit overtime expenses. 

Tradesmen International’s local service teams consist of individuals with experience in the industrial and manufacturing fields. On top of this experience, we are dedicated to learning about manufacturing industry and labor productivity management to help you stay on top of new developments in the field. We assist our clients in adapting to an ever-changing manufacturing landscape.   

We also offer a commitment to safety. We provide all our workers OSHA-10 Safety Training. This training helps create a safer and more efficient workplace to reduce the risk of on-site accidents. The proper number of skilled workers on your site can also greatly reduce the risk of safety violations and injury.

Tradesmen International: The Top Manufacturing Staffing Agency

If you’re ready to hand off your staffing stress while making your workplace more efficient, contact us today. We are available to connect you with the resources you need. So, you don’t lose time on your projects, and you reduce costly overtime pay. 

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