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Over half of customers are interested in making the switch to renewable energy, and the job market in this sector is heating up. However, like other industries, renewable energy is experiencing a skilled worker shortage. 

In a recent survey, most companies interviewed by the U.S. Interstate Renewable Energy Council reported that the talent pool in this industry was small and that many individuals didn’t have the right training or technical skills for available jobs. 

The Simple Switch Between Oil or Gas and Renewable

Many experienced oil and gas professionals are making the shift to the renewable energy sector. Wind energy companies reported a 20% increase in staff between 2016 and 2021. Most renewable workers who are migrating from oil and gas have transferable skills, particularly for construction-related functions involved in building and maintaining renewable energy efficiency sources. 

The shift from traditional energy to renewable energy jobs is a process, but energy is still a profitable trade. As customers worldwide make the switch to different forms of energy, there are more options for skilled craftspeople in the industry. 

A Snapshot of the Energy Field

In the past few years, the energy industry has experienced situations that are leading to long-lasting changes. The oil and gas industry has lost 20% of its workforce, partially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the oil and gas positions impacted by COVID-19 aren’t expected to return. Additionally, the global push to reduce emissions is gaining steam, and more governments are creating legislation to shift to clean energy. 

As these shifts continue, clean energy jobs are expected to grow. According to the World Energy Employment Report there’s a goal of 14 million new jobs by 2030. Plus, groups like the International Renewable Energy Agency will continue to push for an expedient clean energy transition.

The Clean Energy Options

For renewable energy workers or other fossil fuels sector workers interested in making the switch, there are plenty of possibilities. Here’s a surface-level glimpse of energy sector employment available in each clean energy field. 

Clean energy options aren’t limited to these positions. However, these are the most common roles expected for skilled craftspeople in the field. 

Wind Energy

Wind energy offers multiple projects for skilled workers, including building wind farms, maintaining turbines, and operating them. Some energy efficiency employment roles in this field include:

  • Excavator operators 
  • Motograder operators
  • Dozer operators
  • Roller operators
  • Forklift operators
  • Loader operators
  • Tractor pan operators
  • Water truck drivers
  • Rod busters
  • Concrete finishers
  • Form carpenters
  • Mechanical completion technicians
  • Tower wiring techs
  • MV termination techs
  • Base mid technicians
  • Top out Technicians
  • Flaggers
  • NCCCO-certified crane operators
  • Nacelle prep technicians
  • GWO-certified wind technicians
  • Commissioning technicians
  • Surveyors

If you’re running a wind energy business, you may need to find renewable energy workers who are properly trained and certified within the field. However, you can fill many of these positions with craftspeople who have experience in other industries. An excavator operator on a commercial construction project can also work in the wind energy sector. 

At Tradesmen International, there is a network of skilled workers with various certifications to meet your needs. The Tradesmen International team recruits workers that are job-ready when you need them. Whether you’re looking for a forklift operator or a GWO-certified wind technician to manage your turbines, we have team members for you.

Solar Energy

Across the country, people continue to adopt solar energy. Solar projects may range from installing solar panels on commercial and residential buildings to constructing and maintaining an entire solar farm. This field is a good option for these workers: 

  • Excavator operators
  • Motograder operators
  • Dozer operators
  • Roller operators
  • Forklift operators
  • Loader operators
  • Tractor pan operators
  • Water truck drivers
  • Trenchers
  • PD-10 pile drivers
  • Journeyman and apprentice electricians
  • Mod installers
  • Racking installers
  • Wire management technicians
  • Commissioning technicians
  • General laborers

Whether you are working on a small solar project or need a team for regular work, Tradesmen International has access to the right resources for you. Its network includes everyone from the trained heavy equipment operators you need to operate energy efficient equipment to the mod installer whose solar experience will help you do the job right every time. 

Tradesmen International for Sourcing Renewable Energy Workers

As renewable energy picks up steam across the globe, you may find yourself in need of skilled craftspeople to fill various energy efficiency jobs. You may be working on new construction or transitioning existing property to new energy sources. 

Whatever your needs, you may have been facing a talent shortage — until now. Take advantage of Tradesmen International’s vast network of renewable energy workers. The Tradesman International team is committed to recruiting top-tier talent, saving you the hassle of looking through a stack of resumes. Call us today and learn more about how we can help you.

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