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The ongoing rise of solar power in industrial, commercial, and residential applications has demand for solar photovoltaic installers higher than ever before. New installations reached 268 GW in 2022, with forecasts showing that 2023 new installations could reach 315 GW or higher.

Today, skilled installers are needed more than ever to satisfy growing demand for solar panels in this booming industry.

State of the Solar Photovoltaic Industry

The solar industry is undergoing a period of substantial growth without any signs of slowing in the near future. The need for sustainable energy solutions is being driven by both consumer demand and new regulations to support photovoltaics at every level. Rising fossil fuel costs and other economic pressures are also pushing more people and organizations toward solar power, increasing the need for solar modules.

Current trends point to accelerating growth for solar photovoltaics and other renewable energies. The world is expected to add as much renewable energy capacity over the next five years as it did over the past 20 years. This means that 90% of new electricity expansion will come from renewable sources.

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