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The renewable energy sector is on the rise, and with that growth comes a greater demand for qualified workers. But the modern reality is there are few candidates available to fill vital positions in the wind turbine technician industry. 

Despite a need for nearly 500,000 new technicians by 2026, there’s a lack of trained talent to fill these roles. This article explores the reasons behind this talent shortage and what it means for the future of the renewable energy industry.

Inflation Reduction Act and Clean Industry Growth

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) will have a significant impact on the energy industry. It’s a policy that will fuel growth in the energy-as-a-service (EaaS) industry, with green energy as a central component. The IRA is a reconciliation bill that authorizes $370 billion in climate and energy investments in the U.S., allowing for the development of a wide range of technologies and solutions.

This policy is forward-thinking, incentive-based and will stimulate investment in clean energy technologies and significantly increase demand for clean energy sources by 2030.

Lack of Skilled Workers in an Evolving Field

Over the past few years, there’s been a growing consensus that the U.S. is facing a skills gap. Across industries, businesses have had difficulty finding workers with the right skills for open positions. And in the construction industry, this problem is particularly acute. 

As more and more states adopt policies to encourage the use of clean energy, there’s been a sudden increase in demand for workers with specific training in solar installation, wind turbine maintenance, and other green technologies. 

But because there hasn’t been a corresponding increase in the number of people entering the trades, there’s a shortage of qualified workers to meet this growing demand. This problem is not limited to one specific trade or field; it’s a nationwide issue that affects everything from photovoltaic installers and bladers to welders, pipe layers, and plumbers.

The shortage of qualified workers is resulting in longer project timelines and higher costs, as well as risks a general deterioration of the quality of the craft.

Lack of Recruiting Ability

On top of the general skills gap, there’s also a lack of industry-specific recruiting efforts. For example, building a wind farm or solar array is a big undertaking that requires a highly skilled technician team. Many of these positions remain unfilled, and part of the problem is that traditional recruiting methods are not always effective. 

Job postings often go unnoticed, and personal connections are only sometimes reliable. As a result, green energy providers may struggle to build the teams they need to meet the rising demand.

Tradesmen International®: The Comprehensive Solution to the Worker Deficit

This wind turbine worker deficit results from having fewer qualified workers to meet the demands of the industry. Tradesmen International® is the comprehensive solution to this problem.

We have renewable staffing-experienced recruiters focused on hiring wind and solar trades. We provide the skilled workers the industry needs to get the job done right. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you find the right worker for your project. With more than 200 full-time recruiters who can be pulled together as a single recruiting engine to support any order – our National Recruiting Center recruiting team is ready to source workers. Included is a wide variety of skilled electricians, welders, mechanics, and more, all ready to work, including: 

  • Wind, Excavator Operators, Motograder Operators, Dozer Operators. Roller Operators, Fork Lift Operators, Loader Operators, Tractor Pan Operators, Water Truck Drivers, Rod Busters, Concrete Finishers, Form Carpenters, Mechanical Completion Technicians, Tower wiring techs, MV Termination Techs, Base mid technicians, Top Out Technicians, Flaggers, NCCCO Certified Crane Operators. Nacelle Prep Technicians. GWO Certified Wind Technicians, Commissioning technician, Surveyor, torque and tension technicians. 
  • Solar– , Excavator Operators, Motograder Operators, Dozer Operators. Roller Operators, Fork Lift Operators, Loader Operators, Tractor Pan Operators, Water Truck Drivers, Trenchers, PD-10 Pile Drivers. Journeyman and apprentice Electricians. Mod Installer, Racking installer, Wire Management technician, Commissioning Technician, general labor)

At-the-Ready Skilled Green Workers

Not only do we have a wide variety of skilled workers, but they are also pre-vetted and safety-minded. Our workers are active in the field before being sent to a jobsite. We also prioritize safety by access to safety training and education. 

We have workers trained in various green energy technologies, such as wind turbine technicians and solar panel installers. These workers are ready to work on the latest clean energy projects, helping to drive the industry forward. 

Competent Leaders in Construction, Manufacturing, and Industrial Projects

Tradesmen® specializes in providing skilled workers for the wind industry and construction, manufacturing, and industrial projects. Our team can provide knowledgeable and experienced workers such as pipefitters, crane operators, HVAC technicians, and millwrights. We can also provide project managers and supervisors to ensure the smooth operation of a jobsite.

Source Top Wind Turbine Technicians With Tradesmen International®

Tradesmen® is a leading provider of skilled craftworkers for the wind energy industry. Our team of experts can connect you with qualified candidates who have the necessary skills and experience to get the job done right.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the best wind turbine technicians for your business.

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