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  1. Qualified Candidate. A “Qualified Candidate” means a person who (i) is applying for a full-time Field Representative position, (ii) is not a temporary, summer, contract or former field office employee of Tradesmen and such referral represents the candidate’s first contact with Tradesmen, (iii) meets the essential qualifications for the Field Representative position and (iv) has a start date on or after August 12, 2017. As further clarification, a Qualified Candidate may include a current Tradesmen Field Employee. All Qualified Candidates will be evaluated for employment consistent with Tradesmen’s policies and procedures.
  2. Referral Eligibility. An “Eligible Referrer” means a full-time field office or corporate employee other than (i) any VP or C-level position, (ii) any position of an Area Manager or higher, (iii) an employee who works in the human resources department or (iv) corporate recruiters. A General Manager or Sales Manager may only refer Qualified Candidates to other field offices. There is no cap on the number of referrals an Eligible Referrer can make.
  3. Qualified Referral. To be a “Qualified Referral,” (i) an Eligible Referrer must first submit the Qualified Candidate by completing an electronic submission form for the program that is available on the TI Intranet before the Qualified Candidate’s first scheduled interview time with Tradesmen (as such time is confirmed by iCIMS), (ii) the Qualified Candidate’s application must identify the name of the Eligible Referrer as his/her referral. If the same Qualified Candidate is referred by more than one Eligible Referrer, the earliest, completed submission date will govern, and (iii) if the “Qualified Candidate” is hired as a full-time Field Representative, such Eligible Referrer is identified as the official referrer in the “Enter Office Personnel” screen in Accuterm.
  4. Referral Date. The “start date” of a Qualified Candidate must occur (i) within 90 days of the “referral date” and (ii) on or after August 12, 2017.
  5. Awards. An Eligible Referrer will be eligible to receive the following awards (an “Award”) for each of his/her Qualified Candidates who is hired as a full-time Field Representative and remains a full-time employee in such position for the respective employment date milestones:

$500.00 will be awarded
when your referral hits

$1000.00 will be awarded
when your referral hits 365 days

$1500.00 will be awarded
when your referral hits 545 days

An Eligible Referrer will not receive an Award if the Qualified Candidate is hired for a position other than as a full-time Field Representative.

  1. Payments. Awards will be paid within 30 days after an employment period milestone has been met and will be in the form of a lump sum cash payment payable via regular payroll check, less standard deductions, in accordance with Tradesmen’s usual payment practices. An Eligible Referrer must be a full-time employee of Tradesmen on the date of payment to receive an Award.
  2. Administration. The COO will administer this Employee Referral Bonus Award Program (this “Program”) and will have full power and authority to construe, interpret, and administer this Program, to determine eligibility for participation and to determine the amount of and eligibility to receive any Award. Nothing in this Program will be deemed to create a contract of employment between Tradesmen and any individual, nor a guarantee of employment with Tradesmen for any particular length of time. Tradesmen reserves the right to amend this Program from time to time or to discontinue it if such a change is deemed necessary or desirable. The captions to the various sections of this Program are for convenience of reference only and will be disregarded in the interpretation of this Program. This Program is governed by the laws of the State of Ohio.

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