Housekeeping – Everyone Plays a Role in Keeping the Jobsite in Safe Order!

Effective housekeeping is an ongoing process and something that is easily tackled. It is up to each person on site to practice housekeeping – Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Help prevent an unnecessary injury to yourself or a co-worker by ensuring these 6 housekeeping practices:

  • Keep lines of travel clear – Remove tripping, slipping or fall hazards.
  • Be courteous – Pick up after yourself and clean as you go.
  • Prevent falling objects – Use a toe board or net and keep objects away from edges.
  • Store tools and material properly – Unused equipment and materials should be stored out of the way.
  • Don’t walk by – It might not be your mess, but it could be your injury.
  • Pay attention and be aware of the jobsite – Know the layout and walking routes.


Safety has been Tradesmen International’s #1 Core Value since our inception in 1992. While we’re proud to provide all our employees OSHA Training, Tool-Box Talks as well as On-going Safety Communication and Education, we believe that each individual must personally emphasize safe behavior at home, on the road, the jobsite and at all times to ensure their safety and the safety of all those around them.

Meet with a Tradesmen team member and or call 855-723-3844 to learn more about OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety and Health training opportunities.