Every year, many workers become sick from occupational heat
exposure, and some are fatally injured.
These illnesses and fatalities are preventable.

Following a few simple steps can help you and prevent heat-related illness:

  • Drink water every 15 minutes, even if you are not thirsty
  • Rest in the shade to cool down
  • Wear a hat and light-colored clothing
  • Keep an eye on fellow workers
  • Get used to the heat if you have not worked in hot weather for a week or more

Make sure you are able to recognize signs of heat-related illness:

  • Heat Exhaustion is serious with such symptoms as: headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, thirst, heavy sweating. If not treated, heat
    exhaustion can advance to heat stroke.
  • Heat Stroke is the most serious and requires immediate medical attention. Symptoms include: confusion, fainting, seizures, very high body temperature and hot, dry skin or profuse sweating.

If you or a co-worker has any of these symptoms, move to a shaded area, loosen clothing, drink a little water at a time, and use ice packs or cool water to cool down.

Safety has been Tradesmen International’s #1 Core Value since our inception in 1992. While we’re proud to provide all our employees OSHA Training, Tool-Box Talks as well as On-going Safety Communication and Education, we believe that each individual must personally emphasize safe behavior at home, on the road, the jobsite and at all times to ensure their safety and the safety of all those around them.

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