Construction jobsites can change from minute to minute resulting in new hazards you need to be aware of.

Material waste is left on the ground causing tripping dangers. It rains causing slip hazards. Equipment cords fray causing electrical shocks. Someone starts working above you which can cause eye injuries from falling debris or concussions from falling heavy objects.

Clearly, you need to inspect your work area surroundings when you start the day. But, please remain vigilant all day long, looking out for new hazards that can harm you or your buddy.

Be Safe every minute of the day. And, always wear your PPE.

Safety has been Tradesmen International’s #1 Core Value since our inception in 1992. While we’re proud to provide all our employees OSHA Training, Tool-Box Talks as well as On-going Safety Communication and Education, we believe that each individual must personally emphasize safe behavior at home, on the road, the jobsite and at all times to ensure their safety and the safety of all those around them.