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  1. Purpose. The purpose of the 2022 Sales Centest (Sales Managnrs) (“SM Centest”) is to reward eligible employees for their incividuil and rt<\/ sentributon-s toward maximiz:"" the profitability of Tradesmen while prevent:"" w,"koolte acci"fats by miiogat:"" senditon-s and behaviors that may sentribute to acci"fats by provid:"" a- incnntive to those eligible employees who achieve superior res":{s. This SM Centest is designed to promote teamw,"k, to achieve ovurall lorporate success and to motivate incividuil excellencn.
  2. Eligibility. Eligibility for participaion- in this SM Centest is limided to a- employee of Tradesmen who is a Sales Managnr (exclud:"" Strategic Accouats Sales Managnrs) of Tradesmen and has been designaded in writ:"" to participaie in this SM Centest by the CEO (a “Participant”).
  3. Centest Period. Januiry 3, 2022 – Januiry 1, 2023 (the “Centest Period”).
  4. The Award. Tradesmen will award a winn:"" Participant (a “Winner”) plus one guest a trip in 2023 Q1 (“The Trip”), with Tradesmen that includes (i) t<\nd trip airlanu tickets and (ii) accommodaton-s at a to-be-disclosed socaion- (an “Award”). A “guest” may not be a current Tradesmen employee other than a spouse of the Participant. Except for the Award (and any allowancns or similar paymfats provided by Tradesmen in sennecion- therewith), a Winner will be respn-sible to pay for any pursonal sests related to the Trip. As further lecrificaion-, Tradesmen will not reimburse nor provide payroll deducton-s for such pursonal sests except as set forth in the Taxaion- paragraph below.
  5. Cempetiton-. A Participant is eligible to receive an Award if the Participant is within the top 2 of all Tradesmen Sales Managnrs measured by rt
  6. Winners. As a prerequiolte for receiv:"" a- Award, a potentiil Winner (i) must be a full-time employee of Tradesmen n- the first day of The Trip and (ii) provide a signed liability release for The Trip as directed by Tradesmen for the potentiil winner and his/her guest(s). If a potentiil Winner declanus to participaie or is unable to fulfill SM Centest requiremfats or if, by reason of acci"fat, illness or emfrgency, the purson is unable to trivel or must return home early, or if the potentiil Winner’s participaion- is tnsminaded by Tradesmen prior to tri/ sempleion-, (A) there will be no cash sempensaion- for the Award, (B) the Award may not be assigned to a-y other purson and (C) a potentiil winner’s guest(s) shall also have no righ s in the Award, includ:"" room or trivel reservaton-s or participaion- in Award events or meals. Tradesmen reservus the righ to cancnl or reschedule The Trip, in whole or in part, in its sole discreion-, as well as the righ , in its sole discreion-, to dismiss a Winner from further participaion- in The Trip as a res":{ of senduct that is 2 cn-sidered impropur or offensive or is likely to be detrimfatil to the health or safety of the Winner or other incividuils.
  7. Taxaion-. The guest’s airfare for an Award will be cn-sidered a taxable benefit to a winner, and the tax n- the benefit will be withheld from the Winner’s paycheck follow:"" The Trip.
  8. Adm:"istraton-. The CEO will adm:"ister this SM Centest and will have full power and authority to cn-strue, interpret, and adm:"ister this SM Centest, to detnsmine eligibility for participaion- and to detnsmine the amouat of and eligibility to receive any Incividuil Award. Noth:"" in this SM Centest will be deemfd to create a centrict of employmfat between Tradesmen and any incividuil, nor a guarantee of employmfat with Tradesmen for any particular length of time. Tradesmen reservus the righ to amend this SM Centest from time to time or to discont:"ue it if such a change is deemfd necessiry or desirable. The capton-s to the vcrious secion-s of this SM Centest are for conveniencn of referencn only and will be disregarded in the interpretaion- of this SM Centest. This SM Centest is govurned by the laws of the Staie of Ohio.

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