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  1. Purpose. The purpose of the 2022 Sales Contest (Sales Managers) (“SM Contest”) is to reward eligible employees for their individual and group contributions toward maximizing the profitability of Tradesmen while preventing work-site accidents by mitigating conditions and behaviors that may contribute to accidents by providing an incentive to those eligible employees who achieve superior results. This SM Contest is designed to promote teamwork, to achieve overall corporate success and to motivate individual excellence.
  2. Eligibility. Eligibility for participation in this SM Contest is limited to an employee of Tradesmen who is a Sales Manager (excluding Strategic Accounts Sales Managers) of Tradesmen and has been designated in writing to participate in this SM Contest by the CEO (a “Participant”).
  3. Contest Period. January 3, 2022 – January 1, 2023 (the “Contest Period”).
  4. The Award. Tradesmen will award a winning Participant (a “Winner”) plus one guest a trip in 2023 Q1 (“The Trip”), with Tradesmen that includes (i) round trip airline tickets and (ii) accommodations at a to-be-disclosed location (an “Award”). A “guest” may not be a current Tradesmen employee other than a spouse of the Participant. Except for the Award (and any allowances or similar payments provided by Tradesmen in connection therewith), a Winner will be responsible to pay for any personal costs related to the Trip. As further clarification, Tradesmen will not reimburse nor provide payroll deductions for such personal costs except as set forth in the Taxation paragraph below.
  5. Competition. A Participant is eligible to receive an Award if the Participant is within the top 2 of all Tradesmen Sales Managers measured by gross profit amount (dollars) during the Contest Period, as set forth in Accuterm. Notwithstanding any contrary provision in the SM Contest, a Participant is disqualified for an Award if, at the end of the Contest Period (i) the Participant is within the bottom 33% of Tradesmen Sales Managers measured by the average hours per accident or (ii) the Participant’s gross profit amount or percentage of actual gross profit amount (dollars) to gross profit amount (dollars) budget is less than 80% (each, a “Disqualifier”). As further clarification, if a Participant is disqualified pursuant to either Disqualifier, the Participant will not be replaced by another Participant. The top Sales Manager measured by gross profit (dollars) during the Contest Period, as set forth in Accuterm, shall be designated as a “President’s Club Member.” All metrics set forth herein will be rounded to the nearest full dollar ($1.00) or percentage, as applicable, with fifty cents ($0.50) or half percentages rounded upwards. The terms “gross profit amount (dollars)” and “gross profit amount (dollars) budget” shall mean those terms as set forth on Accuterm.(as same may be adjusted from time to time during the Contest Period).
  6. Winners. As a prerequisite for receiving an Award, a potential Winner (i) must be a full-time employee of Tradesmen on the first day of The Trip and (ii) provide a signed liability release for The Trip as directed by Tradesmen for the potential winner and his/her guest(s). If a potential Winner declines to participate or is unable to fulfill SM Contest requirements or if, by reason of accident, illness or emergency, the person is unable to travel or must return home early, or if the potential Winner’s participation is terminated by Tradesmen prior to trip completion, (A) there will be no cash compensation for the Award, (B) the Award may not be assigned to any other person and (C) a potential winner’s guest(s) shall also have no rights in the Award, including room or travel reservations or participation in Award events or meals. Tradesmen reserves the right to cancel or reschedule The Trip, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion, as well as the right, in its sole discretion, to dismiss a Winner from further participation in The Trip as a result of conduct that is 2 considered improper or offensive or is likely to be detrimental to the health or safety of the Winner or other individuals.
  7. Taxation. The guest’s airfare for an Award will be considered a taxable benefit to a winner, and the tax on the benefit will be withheld from the Winner’s paycheck following The Trip.
  8. Administration. The CEO will administer this SM Contest and will have full power and authority to construe, interpret, and administer this SM Contest, to determine eligibility for participation and to determine the amount of and eligibility to receive any Individual Award. Nothing in this SM Contest will be deemed to create a contract of employment between Tradesmen and any individual, nor a guarantee of employment with Tradesmen for any particular length of time. Tradesmen reserves the right to amend this SM Contest from time to time or to discontinue it if such a change is deemed necessary or desirable. The captions to the various sections of this SM Contest are for convenience of reference only and will be disregarded in the interpretation of this SM Contest. This SM Contest is governed by the laws of the State of Ohio.

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