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Looking for skilled craftsmen to support your core workforce in and around Hartford Connecticut? With a diverse pool of proven construction professionals, Tradesmen International is here to find the right match for your short-term or long-term construction projects. Having undergone an extensive recruiting, screening, testing and evaluation process means our skilled craftsmen are always standing-by, ready to bring their job-ready skills wherever and whenever you need them.

More than just a source for skilled workers and support for your current workforce needs, we also offer custom staffing solution designed to increase workforce productivity while positively impacting your bottom line. When you turn to Tradesmen International for craftsmen and construction staffing in Hartford, you receive the benefits of:

  • On-demand Access to a Wide Range of Skilled Craftsmen (In all Trades and Skill Levels)
  • Improved Workforce Productivity Coupled with Reduced Labor Costs
  • Reduced Overtime, Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment and Payroll Costs

Find Proven Skilled Craftsmen in Hartford

When working with Tradesmen International, you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will always receive the type of high quality, reliable work you would expect from permanent employees. In fact, everyone we send from our Hartford office is a permanent Tradesmen International employee, and receives consistent reliable work and dependable benefits. In addition, all our employees are offered an OSHA 10-Hour safety training course, and every Tradesmen skilled craftsmen is regularly evaluated to ensure they are always delivering the quality work your projects require.

With the ability to deliver proven skilled craftsmen to most Connecticut jobsites within 24 to 48 hours, some of the trades and skill sets we have available are:

With two local construction staffing offices strategically located in Connecticut, and more than 140 offices located nationwide, Tradesmen International is positioned to support your always evolving skilled craftsmen needs.

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126 Monroe TPKE
Suite 117
Trumbull, CT 06611
Ph: 203-445-6773
Fax: 203-445-6774


40 Weston Street
Unit E
Hartford, CT 06120
Ph: 860-906-1920
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