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Nevada MapConstruction opportunities are growing in the state of Nevada. In our effort to support the construction industry across the nation, we have an office dedicated to recruitment and construction staffing in Las Vegas. Backed by one of the nation’s largest databases of skilled craftsmen, we can deliver a contingent staffing solutions custom-built to support the natural ebb and flow in labor demand. Our custom construction staffing services are each designed to serve as the perfect complement to your permanent workforce, while all also maximizing productivity and eliminating excess labor and payroll costs. From short-term industrial projects to seasonal construction projects, we can tailor a skilled staffing solution to:

  • Support Your Core Team of Skilled Workers
  • Maximize Workforce Productivity
  • Eliminate the Costs of Adding Permanent Payroll
  • Reduce Your Workers’ Compensation Exposure

Find Proven Skilled Craftsmen in Las Vegas

At Tradesmen International, we don’t just talk about safety, we build it into our screening and hiring process. In addition to recruiting only craftsmen who embody our core values of safety, productivity and craftsmanship, every single one of our craftsmen and field office employees are offered a free 10-Hour OHSA safety training course. Even after a craftsmen passes our stringent pre-screening evaluations and reference checks, all our Las Vegas craftsmen are continually assessed and monitored. The end result is a proven pool of skilled candidates, perfectly suited to fill the needs of a wide range of industries, including:

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