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Nort Carolina local craftsmen office mapLooking to support your workforce with skilled craftsmen? Tradesmen International offers the most comprehensive construction staffing in North Carolina to help you complete your next project on time and within budget.

When you choose Tradesmen to help you meet your temporary staffing needs, you not only expand your workforce but also maximize productivity and eliminate costs and hassles associated with payroll. Because our craftsmen are permanent Tradesmen employees, you are free to focus on the job at hand while increasing your productivity and profit margin.

Industries We Serve

At Tradesmen, we stand behind our extensive pool of talented craftsmen. Each employee is subject to a thorough screening, interview and skills evaluation process to ensure you receive only the highest caliber professionals to add to your workforce.

Our craftsmen serve a variety of industries, including:

Heavy Industrial Industry Staffing in North Carolina

Our North Carolina construction labor workforce is comprised of thousands of tradesmen skilled in a range of industrial and manufacturing sectors. With our heavy industrial staffing services, you get access to high-caliber construction workers in North Carolina with expertise in welding, pipefitting, ironworking, heavy equipment operation and many other trades.

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Field-proven Craftsmen for the Alternative Energy Industry

Alternative energy sources are expanding rapidly in North Carolina—including hydroelectric, nuclear power, biomass and solar. Our craftsmen are the state’s premier alternative energy workforce—from apprentice-level assemblers to master-level professionals. With Tradesman as your labor solution, you can regulate your green energy workforce size to meet productivity and achieve your production goals.

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Marine Labor Workforce Solutions

Jobsites in the marine and yacht-building industries require workers with a deep understanding of maritime craft and a strong, reliable work ethic. Our marine labor staff includes a range of skilled workers, such as aluminum hull welders, pipefitters, marine joiners, electricians, shipfitters and many others with proven skills in a variety of marine trades.

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Tradesmen is dedicated to providing a high quality and safety-minded workforce to meet your challenges in the marine industry. Ready to take advantage of the best construction staffing in North Carolina? Contact one of our convenient offices today.

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