Skilled Manufacturing Staffing Services

As a manufacturer, your focus is on delivering a high-quality product your customers can trust. At Tradesmen International, our focus is on delivering you the high-quality craftsmen you can trust. Whether you specialize in mechanical, chemical, or physical product development, we offer customized contingent staffing solutions to match the natural ebb and flow of your workflow.

With years of experience working with some of the nation’s top manufacturers, Tradesmen International has built a reputation as a leading skilled craftsmen staffing provider. Our productivity consultants are here to help you adapt your staff levels to match your manufacturing workload and improve profit margins, all without impacting your quality, efficiency, and safety standards.

A Proven Pool of Skilled Manufacturing Craftsmen

With one of the nation’s largest databases of proven manufacturing craftsmen, we have the on-demand talent available to match your specific workflow objectives. As permanent Tradesmen International employees, everyone we send to the jobsite has to first pass a rigorous screening, interview, evaluation and skills testing process. We cover their Workers’ Comp, benefits and other payroll expenditures, while you receive access to a high-quality workforce you can trust.

From apprentice through journeymen and leadmen, our talented candidate pool of proven manufacturing craftsmen includes:

Total Labor Support: More than just your source for dependable skilled craftsmen, our top priority is on delivering a complete labor management solution. Working directly with our talented staff of productivity consultants, you will receive a solution that allows you to maintain a lean workforce, while still meeting your productivity demands.

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